Genshin Impact Antiquity Hunt is a sub-event of the big festival 'A Parade of Providence' in Sumeru. Check out all locations and guidelines on how to find Relic Replicas in the search zones to get tons of valuable rewards.

I. Antiquity Hunt Schedule & Locations

The sub-event Antiquity Hunt has four parts unlocked on four different dates during the event 'A Parade of Providence'. Check out the release date of every part here.

  • 1st part is released on April 27th.
  • 2nd part starts on April 29th.
  • 3rd part is unlocked on May 3rd.
  • 4th part starts on May 5th.
Unlock Antiquity Event
Talk to the NPC Daneh in Sumeru City to unlock the Antiquity Hunt event.

There are only two out of four parts unlocked in the Antiquity Hunt. Here are the locations you should go to find the relics in the two first parts of the sub-event.

  • Devantaka Mountain: The first point is under the waterfall. The other one is near the lightning-charged minerals. There are some
Two Relic Spots
Two spots of relic replicas in Devantaka Mountain.
  • Dar al-Shifa: The first one is at the gate of the Hilichurl camp. The other one is near the center of the small island in the lake.
Pick Two Relics In Dar Al Shifa
Pick two relic replicas in Dar al-Shifa.

The relic location will glow up when you place the compass in the right place. Two entire locations will be revealed a few days later.

II. How To Play Antiquity Hunt

You get a Search Compass after completing the event quest 'Comings and Goings'. Then, go to find the NPC Daneh in a small stall near the entrance of Sumeru City to unlock the Vahumana Mini-Game. Next, talk to him and receive hints about the relics.

Unlock Antiquity Hunt Event
Complete the request to unlock the minigame.

Follow these steps to play the Antiquity Hunt mini-game in Genshin Impact 3.6.

  1. Go to the location in the hint that Daneh gave you.
  2. Enter the Zones marked by the yellow circle on the minimap.
  3. Use the Search Compass to explore and find Relics.
  4. Explore until the gadget shows a 90% Trail Density.
  5. Clear all enemies in the search zones.
  6. Dig and obtain two relics per zone.

After collecting enough two relics, you will complete the mission. Then, go back to Daneh's location or go to the Antiquity Hunt lobby to claim rewards.

Deploy The Special Device
Deploy the special device to find the hidden relic replicas.

III. Antiquity Hunt Rewards

Antiquity Hunt is one of six mini-games in the current Sumeru ceremony event 'A Parade of Providence'. You can get a number of valuable rewards from this sub-event. Here are the rewards for each completed part.

  • 30 Primogems
  • 100 Gala Excitement tokens
  • 3 Hero's Wits
  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments
  • 4 Guides to Admonition
Complete Missions
Complete missions and claim valuable rewards.

Then, Genshin Impact players will earn 120 Primogems after completing four parts of the mini-game. In addition, you also need 400 Gala Excitement tokens to accumulate and get enough 1200 tokens for a free Faruzan in Update 3.6.

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