Many DPS characters in Genshin Impact remain at least one weakness. It makes the game more balanced for all players. Check out the top characters' weaknesses that held them back.

#1. Wanderer's Hovering

The hovering skill makes Wanderer unique in Genshin Impact. This Anemo DPS can leap into the air by using his Windfavored skill. But he is very weak in this state. The Wanderer cannot defend himself while hovering in the air.

Therefore, you must equip a shield maker in your party to protect this Anemo DPS, such as Zhongli and Baizhu. Baizhu is a better option as he can create shields and heal Wanderer.

Wanderers Hovering Skill
Wanderer is more vulnerable during his hovering status.

#2. Complicated Kit Of Alhaitham

The interesting story makes Alhaitham one of the most anticipated characters in Sumeru. His powerful kit didn't make players down at his release. However, this kit was still estimated as one of the most complicated kits in the game.

His gameplay revolves around Chisel-Light Mirrors. Therefore, you have to keep these mirrors up on the field to deal the greatest damage to enemies.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham
Alhaitham's kit is pretty difficult to control and master.

#3. Nilou's Survivability During Bloom

Nilou is not beautiful but she is also influential in the Hydro-Dendro team. However, her Dendro Blooms reaction can deal DMG to both enemies and allies. It reduces the survivability of Nilou and her allies. Therefore, you always need a shielder or healer in her team. And Baizhu will be a great option for the supporting role in Nilou's team.

Nilous Weakness
Nilou's weakness is the poor survivability in Dendro-Hydro reactions.

#4. Hu Tao's Dependence On Stamina

Hu Tao is one of the most picked characters in Genshin Impact as her power is really insane. However, the strongest on-field DPS character remains a weakness. Most of her DMG comes from charged attacks.

Therefore, she needs a long stamina bar to spam this attack. You will miss her huge potential if you cannot manage stamina. The tip is unlocking Hu Tao C1.

Hu Tao Needs Much Stamina
Hu Tao requires excellent stamina management skills from players.

#5. Cyno's Poor Kit

Cyno had been highly anticipated before his release. But he made a lot of players disappointed with a poor kit. His 18-second burst makes all normal attacks Electro-imbued. But it's too long to allow players to optimize supporting utilities. Therefore, he couldn't get many DMG buffs from other attacks.

Cynos Elemental Burst
Cyno's elemental burst lasts longer than necessary.

#6. Tartaglia's Long Skill CD

Tartaglia, also known as Childe, is an interesting character in Genshin Impact. His elemental skill is a powerful attack. But it has a long cooldown period, which makes this Hydro unit less helpful on the battlefield. There is no other solution but unlocking his 6th installation, which is very costly for a 5-star sub-DPS.

Tartaglias Skill Has Too Long Cd
Tartaglia's skill has too long CD.

These characters' weaknesses make these characters less OP. Then, other characters receive equal attention from players.

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