Genshin Impact Nirodha Fruit puzzle is a new item in Sumeru. You cannot activate it to destroy orange crystals without using the new gadget Sorush in Update 3.6. Check out its locations and tips to solve this new puzzle here.

I. Nirodha Fruit Puzzle Locations

There are twelve Nirodha Fruit puzzles all around the Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru. You can use Sorush and these glowing fruits to break surrounding orange crystals and obtain unexpected rewards. Here are all twelve locations of this puzzle all around this area.

Nirodha Fruit Puzzle
This is how Nirodha Fruit Puzzle looks.
  • Samudra Coast: a Nirodha Fruit above Stretchy Geo Fungi and another one in between Samudra Coast and Hills of Barsom.
  • Hills of Barsom: one in between Hills of Barsom and Asipattravana Swamp, the next one on the cliff above a bush, and another one in between this hill and Vourukasha Oasis.
  • Tunigi Hollow: In the North, on a cliff, right above the orange crystal.
  • Gate of Zulqarnain: one on a slanting cliff beside some pipes and bushes, another one on a rock cliff near the teleport waypoint, and the next one close to the Statue of the Seven.
  • Vourukasha Oasis: above the branch between this oasis and Tunigi Hollow, the next one outside the cavern on the Northwest, and the last one on a small cliff above some cacti.

All orange crystals spawn right under the Nirodha Fruit puzzle. Therefore, it's convenient for players to destroy crystals and obtain rewards.

Nirodha Fruit Puzzle Locations
All Nirodha Fruit Puzzle locations in Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru.

II. How To Use Nirodha Fruit

Before going to find these puzzles, you have to equip the new gadget Sorush. After approaching Nirodha Fruit Puzzles and nearby orange crystals, you switch to the gadget. Remember to stand close to them as the Sorush cannot move too far from its root.

Then, follow these steps to use Nirodha Fruit to break orange crystals,

  1. Move the Sorush to reach the glowing fruit.
  2. Fly over the orange crystal, making sure the crystal is in the red circle.
  3. Use the skill of Sorush to fire and break the crystal.
Fire To Melt The Amrita Crystals
Use Sorush to fire and melt the Amrita crystals.

The Nirodha Fruit functions as a power charger for your Sorush. Each time you charge your gadget with this fruit, you can fire eight times. If you cannot melt the crystal with 80 energy units, go back to the fruit to charge the gadget another time.

III. Nirodha Fruit Rewards

After melting each orange crystal, you will get a treasure chest. Twelve treasure chests inside these crystals will give you a lot of rewards, such as:

  • Primogems
  • Moras
  • Artifacts and weapons
  • Dendro sigils

You can increase your World Exploration level in the Girdle of the Sands, Sumeru. Just complete this mission when exploring this area.

Nirodha Fruit Rewards
Melt the Amrita crystals to reveal treasure chests and collect rewards.

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