Mourning Flowers are among the new materials released along with the new areas in Sumeru. The red and downward-facing blossoms can be found close to bodies of water along Gavireh Lajavard and the Realm of Farakhkert. Currently, players who want to get and ascend Kaveh will want to farm this flower. But who knows which character added in the future may need this to reach their highest level, right?

Mourning Flower
Check out Mourning Flower Genshin Impact locations below.

Below are all Mourning Flower Genshin Impact locations for you to farm.

Mourning Flower locations in Genshin Impact

Players can wander around these areas to get Mourning Flowers in Sumeru. Do notice that if the flower's icon also has a symbol that resembles two layers, it means that the specialty flowers are located underground. Check each areas for Mourning Flower location right now.

Asipattravana Swamp

First, you can get to the Asipattravana Swamp and strut along it above the ground to farm for the flowers that look like they are mourning for the heroes. There are also some in the underground section in the Hills of Barsom.

Asipattravana Swamp Mourning Flower
Asipattravana Swamp is one of the first places you should head to and get the Mourning Flowers.

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Samudra Coast

The Samudra Coast can be found in the northernmost part of the Realm of Farakhkert. Apart from some Mourning Flowers underground, you may also look around to find a number of hidden chests in this area.

Samudra Coast Mourning Flower
Next up, head to Samudra Coast and look out for some interesting chests and rewards in this area.

Tunigi Hollow

The Tunigi Hollow is a great crater that is filled with crystals. Therefore, you will mainly see the Mourning Flowers in the swampier underground zone. You can find their locations in the picture below.

Tunigi Hollow Mourning Flower
Mourning Flowers also scatter around Tunigi Hollow, especially in the swampier locations.

Temir Mountains

This Mourning Flower Genshin Impact location has a quite abundant number of this material, especially on the riverbank in the area of Temir Mountains. As they are all on the ground, you can easily look for them whenever you want to quick supply.

Temir Mountains Mourning Flower
You can get to Temir Mountains and hunt for the crimson flowers on the riverbank.

Mourning Flowers are quite bright plants and you can spot them even in the gloomy environment of the desert. As their growing area is mainly alongside the water bodies, you should keep an eye out for them as you cross by any spot with water. As these flowers usually come in clusters, you can find quite a number after you have seen one.

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