Fulminating Sandstorm is a current event in Genshin Impact 3.6. It is a great source of Primogems for four amazing banners in this update. Check out the gameplay, tips, and rewards for this event here.

Fulminating Sandstorm
Learn how to play and win the Fulminating Sandstorm event.

I. Eligible & Gameplay

To take part in the Fulminating Sandstorm event, you have to reach AR Rank 28 and above. Besides, you have to complete the sub-quest 'A New Star Approaches' of the Archon Quest in Sumeru. The event will be available to participate in between April 21st and May 1st.

After unlocking the mission, follow the following steps to play this event.

  1. Talk to the researcher Vinayak.
  2. Defeat enemies to take device components back.
  3. Assemble charging devices and the Wenutslayer Cannon.
  4. Fire the cannon at the Wenut monster.
  5. Report the commission to Vinayak and claim rewards.

You must keep an eye on the Wenut and keep moving to dodge its attacks. There are many other tips you can use to win this challenge in the next part. All six challenges have been unlocked now. Just take part in the event and get a lot of valuable rewards.

Assemble The Device
Assemble the device to charge the cannon.

II. Tips To Win

Fulminating Sandstorm mainly features combat challenges. So, you may need some tips and keep these tasks in mind to win the challenge quickly.

  • Try to use four-leaf sigils to move faster among device locations.
  • Keep moving to avoid being aimed at by the Wenut monster. Players will see the red warning circles on the ground where the Wenut will attack. Move out of these circles to evade those attacks.
Use The Sigils To Move Faster
Use the sigils to move faster.
  • Use crowd-controlling skills of Venti, Sucrose, or Kazuha to gather small enemies around the device to deal high DMG with elemental bursts and reactions. It helps you defeat those enemies faster.
  • Obtain glowing orbs of Elemental Energy around the device after defeating hordes of enemies. It helps charge the device faster.
Collect Elemental Energy Particles
Collect Elemental Energy particles around the device.
  • Lure the Wenut enemy to nearby rocks. When it attacks these rocks around the device, it will also charge that device and help you complete the task faster.

Keep in mind that the Wenut enemy is very dangerous. Therefore, you should avoid being attacked by this boss. Though the boss is still far away from the battleground, its drill tail still emerges from underground to attack you.

Lure The Wenut
Lure the Wenut to attack these rocks.

III. Event Rewards

Fulminating Sandstorm gives players 420 Primogem. There are five tasks of the event with 80 Primogems each. Therefore, you will get 400 Primogems from Vinayak's commissions and 20 Primogems from the proposal mission 'The Culling of the Worms'.

In addition, participants also get a lot of materials for Weapon Ascension, Enhancement, and Character Level-up, such as:

  • Character EXP books: Wanderer's Advice, Adventurer's Experience, and Hero's Wits;
  • Mora;
  • Oasis Garden's Kindness;
  • Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew

Moreover, you will get 1500 Battle Pass EXP after completing the BP objectives of 'Completion and Consummation'.

Claim 420 Primogems From The Event
Claim 420 Primogems from the event.

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