Fravashi Tree is a new type of puzzle in Sumeru. There are ten Fravashi Trees around the desert of Sumeru. Check out all Fravashi Tree locations in the Realm of Farakhkert and get a lot of valuable rewards here.

Genshin Impact Fravashi Tree Locations
Learn how to solve the puzzle.

I. Fravashi Tree Locations

Fravashi Tree is a new puzzle in the Girdle of the Sands Desert. There are ten Tree puzzles around the desert. When you approach the puzzle, you can see its mark on the minimap. Go to the following places to see the icon and get to the right place.

1.1. Temir Mountains (2 trees)

There are two Fravashi Trees in Temir Mountains.

  • The first puzzle spawns in the west of Temir Mountains and south of Tunigi Hollow.
  • The second puzzle appears near the first one. Climb to the mountain cliff in the southwest from the previous puzzle.
Fravashi Tree Locations Genshin Impact
All locations of Fravashi Tree puzzles.

1.2. Tunigi Hollow (3 trees)

You can find three Fravashi Trees around Tunigi Hollow.

  • From the center of the hollow, you head southwest. It's underneath large spiky roots in the outer circle of the hollow.
  • The next Tree puzzle is on the northeast cliff from the outer circle from the center of the hollow.
  • The third puzzle in Tunigi Hollow spawns under a giant Gray Crystal and a high mountain cliff in the north of the hollow.

1.3. Asipattravana Swamp (1 tree)

There is a Fravashi Tree puzzle at the western end of the swamp. Mark its location under the first letter 'A' in the name of this region on the minimap. Then, use two teleport waypoints in the north and south of the river and head west to reach it.

Solve Puzzles
There are 6 trees on the ground.

1.4. Underground Fravashi Trees (4 trees)

There are four Fravashi Trees underground. You can find them in caverns or hidden tunnels that you can unlock when doing world quests in this area.

  • There is a puzzle near the northwest entrance of the Tunigi Hollow tunnels. You can activate it during the world quest 'Khvarena of Good and Evil' in this area.
  • The next underground puzzle is near a spine-shaped Gray Crystal in a giant cavern.
  • There is another puzzle Fravashi Tree located near the northern waypoint from the Tunigi Hollow. Jump down, enter the entrance of the cavern, and follow the tunnel to the southwest to reach the puzzle.
  • The last underground puzzle appears in the cavern to the northwest of the Asipattravana Swamp. You will activate it while doing the sub-quest Khvarena's Light Shows of the World quest 'Khvarena of Good and Evil'.
Underground Fravishi Tree
Four other Fravishi Trees spawn underground.

II. How to Solve Fravashi Tree Puzzles

Travelers need to switch to Sorush and use its power to awaken the Residual Pari. Then, complete the mission given by the Residual Pari. There are three types of missions with different methods to complete.

2.1. Udumbara Pistils

There are two puzzles requiring three Udumbara Pistils each. You can find all six Udumbara flowers along the Asipattravana Swamp. Follow these steps to pick the pistils.

  1. Switch to Sorush.
  2. Approach the sign of the flower.
  3. Release its power.
  4. Hold Sorush's skill button to make the flower bloom.
  5. Switch to your character and climb/jump to the giant flower to collect the pistil.

The flower won't stay blooming if you don't hold the skill button of Sorush. After collecting all six pistils, you can activate two Fravashi in Asipattravana Swamp overworld and underground.

Udumbara Pistil Locations
Here are all six Udumbara Pistil locations.

2.2. Residual Pari

The second mission is following the residual Pari. You also have to switch to Sorush and fly behind the Pari. Follow the NPC until it returns to the Fravashi Tree. Don't stay too far from Pari. This is a gliding challenge for players.

2.3. Residual Pari Fragments

Another type of mission is collecting residual Pari fragments. After awakening the Pari and talking to it to receive the mission, you need to collect three fragments. Follow these steps to complete this mission.

  1. Talk to Pari.
  2. Switch to Sorush.
  3. Fly to three green fragments around the puzzle.
  4. Turn off the Sorush mode.

Then, it will purify its remnants. Then, you will receive a precious chest for activating the Tree puzzle.

Fravashi Trees Pari Fragments
Use Sorush to collect all three Fravashi Trees Pari Fragments

III. Fravashi Tree Rewards

After activating each Fravashi Tree, you will get a precious chest with 5 Primogems and various materials. Besides, you will get ten Plumes of Purifying Light after solving all ten puzzles to level up the Amrita Pool. You need these orbs to unlock nearly two levels of the pool to get 200 Primogems.

Level Up Amrita Pool
Level up Amrita Pool with ten Plume orbs collected by unlocking the Fravishi Trees.

Those are all ten Fravashi Tree locations in Genshin Impact Sumeru. Let's find and solve these puzzles to get 250 Primogems.

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