Genshin Impact Plume of Purifying Light is a new collectible item in Sumeru's Desert. You can earn up to 600 Primogems after collecting all of them. Check out all Plume of Purifying Light locations, uses, and rewards here.

I. Plume Of Purifying Light Locations

There are 36 Plumes of Purifying Light in the newly unlocked desert area in Sumeru, Gavireh Lajavard, and Realm of Farakhkert. You must collect and offer them at the Amrita Pool to claim rewards. Here are all 36 locations of Plumes of Purifying Light in Gavireh Lajavard.

Plume Of Purifying Light Locations
Plume Of Purifying Light locations.

Move to teleport waypoints and Statues of Seven in the following spots. You can also follow the order below to farm all items in a trip.

  • Vourukasha Oasis: on a southern pond, in an eastern hollow branch, in a western broken-off tree root.
  • Hills of Barsom: One plume spawns behind the cave and another is next to the giant tree in the northeast of the Purification Spring domain.
  • Asipattravana Swamp: There are 8 items around this region. You can find them under the northern mountain cliff, completing the wish of the ghost on the west side, on the western cliff, near the Hillichurl camp in the cave, and near mountain cliffs.
  • Realm of Farakhkert: around the Statue of Seven.
  • Temir Mountains: There are 4 plumes around this region, near teleport waypoints and the Statue of Seven.
  • Tunigi Hollow: You can find six plumes in the north, northwest, and southwest Tunigi.
  • Gate of Zulqarnain: There are two plumes near the underground waypoint and one item near the torch puzzle in the south of the Gate of Zulqarnain waypoint.
  • Fatui camp in the Monumental Study Quest
  • During Khvarena of Good and Evil quest
  • There are ten hidden Plumes that can only be found after you complete Pale Fire quests. You have to use the signature gadget Sorush to awaken Residual Pari in the quest 'Fravashi Trees'.

Then, Genshin Impact players need to offer these Plumes for Amrita Pool in the south of Vourukasha Oasis. But you must complete the world quest 'Heart Of Amrita' to unlock this pool.

Awaken Residual Pari
You have to awaken Residual Pari.

II. How To Get It

Genshin Impact players need to use Sorush to retrieve Plumes of Purifying Light. It's a new gadget in Update 3.6 that you can obtain in the world quest 'Khvarena of Good and Evil'. Then, it will lead you to the location of the item.

Unlike other collectible items, you cannot pick Plumes of Purifying Light by getting close to them. You must use the given gadget to collect the item.

Use Sorush To Collect The Item
Use Sorush to collect the item.

III. Rewards For Collections

Genshin Impact players will offer six Plumes of Purifying Light to Amrita Pool at each level. There are six levels of offerings with 100 Primogems each and many other rewards. Then, you will get 600 Primogems from this activity and the following materials.

  • Hero Wits
  • Mystic Ores
  • Guide to Admonition, Ingenuity, and Praxis
  • Philosophies of Admonition, Ingenuity, and Praxis
  • Weapon ascension materials

After offering 30 items to the pool, players will receive a blessing to locate the remaining pieces.

Amrita Pool Genshin Impact
Offer items to Amrita Pool.

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