The Realm of Farakhkhert and Gavireh Lajavard are the latest areas to be released in Genshin Impact 3.6. While exploring these zones, you may stumble upon a golden collectible called Plumes of Purifying Light. For those unknown, you can submit these into the Amrita Pool which is similar to Inazuma's Grand Narukami Shrine and Sumeru's Tree of Dreams, then get rewards like Mora, Primogems, name card, etc.

In fact, Amrita Pool Genshin Impact offers an even greater amount of rewards each time compared to other signature reward-granting trees in other areas. Here's how to unlock Amrita Pool and where you can find it.

Amrita Pool Genshin
Unlock Amrita Pool how?

How to unlock Amrita Pool Genshin Impact

First, you need to complete "The Splendorous Sky That Day" world quest which is a part of the quest chain called "Khvarena of Good and Evil". Complete it and you will unlock the "Heart of Amrita" that would take you to this spot.

  • Arrive at a closeby waypoint like the Statue of the Seventh to the north or the teleport waypoint to the east.
  • Enter the cave north of the underground waypoint.
  • Continue through the cave until you come across Fedhri, a floating creature who is next to a pool of water.
  • Interact with them and complete the dialogue to unlock the Amrita Pool.
Amrita Pool Location
Amrita Pool location.

Offer 36 Plumes of Purifying Light to the Amrita Pool and you will get a namecard, achievements and a lot of rewards.

All 36 Plumes of Purifying Light locations

Before you go on the scavenger hunt for Plumes of Purifying Light, make sure you have equipped Sorush, the airborne Pari who will accompany you as the new lands are unlocked.

For the locations of Plumes of Purifying, you can check the map below, head to these spots and have Sorush obtain these items automatically.

Plumes Of Purifying Lights Locations
All 36 locations for these Plumes of Purifying Light (Image via HoYoverse).

You can also go to the official Interactive Map of HoYoverse in case you want to take a close look and get to these sites more easily.

List of rewards from the Amrita Pool Genshin

Genshin Impact users can obtain one of six possible packages at random. In total, here is everything you could get:

  • Alkanet Amrita Achievement (20 Primogems)
  • Sumeru: Amrita Namecard
  • 600 Primogems
  • 100,000 Mora, 5x Hero's Wit
  • 10x Mystic Enhancement Ores
  • 2x Guide to Admonition
  • 2x Guide to Ingenuity
  • 2x Guide to Praxis
  • 2x Philosophies of Admonition
  • 2x Philosophies of Ingenuity
  • 2x Philosophies of Praxis
  • 2x Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 2x Oasis Garden's Kindness
  • 2x Remnant Glow of the Scorching Might
  • 2x Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew
  • 2x Oasis Garden's Mourning
  • 2x Remnant Glow of the Scorching Might
Amrita Pool Genshin Rewards
Amrita Pool Genshin rewards include 600 Primogems and a lot more.

In fact, 620 Primogems and a slew of rewards are not too bad for most players in Genshin Impact. The more the better, they say. Along the way when you search for these rewards, you will be able to explore more secrets and important materials.

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