Wanderer, Xiao, and Heizou are three Anemo DPS characters. But who is more suitable for the main DPS position in the Anemo team?  Let's choose the best Anemo DPS character in Genshin Impact now.

I. Xiao - Best Single-Target DPS

Xiao is one of the most picked DPS in Genshin Impact for his powerful elemental burst and plunge damage. Moreover, this Anemo DPS has an easy kit for users to learn and master. He can play in any team. Xiao is a F2P-friendly character with many rerun banners.

Xiao is better for multi-targeted combat. His Energy Recharge status is also limited. Moreover, Xiao is only useful on-field. He also needs a decent 5-star polearm to show off insane DMG. Therefore, this character can be pretty expensive to build.

Xiao Art Genshin Impact
Xiao is a powerful multi-target DPS character in Genshin Impact.

II. Wanderer - Most Versatile DPS

Wanderer is a versatile on-field DPS for any team with his amazing elemental burst. Moreover, his normal and charged attacks are also powerful and helpful to deal with enemy mobs. Unlike Xiao, Wanderer is excellent for both single and multi-target combat.

Wanderer is also easy to build. But he is much more difficult to use than Xiao. You need to switch between the hovering and non-hovering modes. But his hovering skill is very useful for world exploration. You can reach many floating items by using this skill.

Wanderer Art Genshin Impact
Wanderer is a more versatile DPS character in the Anemo family.

III. Shikanoin Heizou - Best F2P DPS

Heizou is a 4-star character who wields the catalyst to fight. This character can play as the main DPS like Xiao and Wanderer. Moreover, this character is easier to obtain. Heizou C6 can be compared with these two 5-star units. It's easy to get Heizou C6 because he is rerun more frequently.

Therefore, Heizou is the most F2P-friendly Anemo DPS character among them. This character is very easy to build. Therefore, many players prefer Heizou to Xiao and Wanderer. If you have got Heizou C6, it's no need to spend Primogems on these two 5-star units.

Shikanoin Heizou Art Genshin Impact
Shikanoin Heizou is a F2P-friendly DPS character for your Anemo team.


Heizou C6 is the best DPS character for F2P teams. Wanderer is a more versatile DPS than Xiao though their damage is comparable. All these DPS characters get benefits from Faruzan, especially after she gets C6 unlocked. If Xiao and Wanderer are affordable for you, they are still good options.

Faruzan Genshin Impact
Faruzan is the best supporter for these Anemo DPS.

It also depends on your current team and the vacancy.

  • Choose and level up Xiao if you need a melee mob-countering DPS.
  • Roll Wanderer and build this DPS for normal boss farming teams.
  • Heizou is better for melee combat, but he needs a shielder or healer.

Faruzan, Venti, Kazuha, and Sucrose are excellent supporters of your Anemo team. Gather small enemies and stun giant bosses before release elemental bursts of Xiao, Wanderer, and Heizou.

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