Genshin Impact occasionally gives away 4-star characters in annual big events. Faruzan is the next free character you can obtain from a similar event in Genshin Impact 3.6. Check out how to get a free Faruzan for your Anemo team here.

A Parade Of Providence Event Rewards
The biggest event of Genshin Impact will start tomorrow.

I. Get Faruzan In A Parade of Providence

Faruzan character is a grand reward in the biggest event of Genshin Impact 3.6 - A Parade of Providence. It's a big ceremony in Sumeru. The event will start on April 27 and end on May 15. Log into the game and complete the opening quest to unlock event games.

Genshin Impact players have to reach Adventure Rank 30 to be eligible for the event. Then, complete the prequel quest “A New Star Approaches” of the Liyue's Archon quest.

A Parade Of Providence
You should get ready for the upcoming event A Parade of Providence in Update 3.6.

There are three Acts with different activities and various rewards. You have to complete these minigames to get Gala Excitement tokens. Here is the schedule of the event.

  • First act: unlocked on April 27th;
  • Second act: unlocked on April 29th;
  • Third act: unlocked on May 1st;

After collecting enough tokens, you can send an invitation to Faruzan and obtain this character for free. It's a great chance for Genshin Impact players who have not got her yet or want to unlock Faruzan C6.

Genshin Impact Faruzan
Faruzan is a worth-getting character for the Anemo team in Genshin Impact.

II. Why Faruzan Is Worth Obtaining?

Faruzan is the best Anemo supporter in Genshin Impact now. She can benefit other Anemo characters in her team, especially Xiao, Heizou, and Wanderer. Moreover, this 4-star unit is easy to build. You don't need expensive weapons, artifacts, and materials to ascend and upgrade this character.

Faruzan Hangout Featured
Faruzan is easy to obtain and build for the supporting role.

If you have not unlocked Faruzan's constellation points, just take part in the upcoming event to get a free character. In the new meta of the game, Anemo units can be very useful in buffing DMG for powerful elemental reactions and controlling small enemy mobs in Teyvat, especially mushroom mobs in Sumeru.

III. A Parade of Providence Event Rewards

"A Parade of Providence" is not a 420-Primogems event. As the biggest event in this update, it gives players more Primogems and rare materials than normal events. After completing all missions and fulfilling all requirements, players can claim about 820 Primogems.

Besides, you get the following rewards for character and weapon ascensions.

  • Crown of Insight
  • 900k Mora
  • Ten new furnishing blueprints and items
  • 54 Hero's Wits
  • 44 Adventure EXP
  • Sumeru Talent Books
  • Mystic Ores
  • Character Ascension Materials
A Parade Of Providence Rewards
You can get a lot of rewards from this big event.

It's a good chance to save Primogems for upcoming banners of the second phase in this update. You can also save them for the next update with various amazing banners according to leaks.

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