Baizhu, the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue, has been playable already. Is he better than Nahida as rumored before his official release? Compare them to know if Baizhu or Nahida is the better Dendro enabler.

Baizhu Genshin Impact
Baizhu has been playable already.

I. Pros & Cons Of Baizhu

Baizhu was highly estimated and anticipated as one of the most potent Dendro enablers in Genshin Impact. His kit has many benefits for players.

  • He can heal with both elemental skill and elemental burst.
  • Baizhu is a great Dendro enabler for Dendro-based teams with continuous Dendro application ability. All his skills and attacks can apply the Dendro element to enemies.
  • He gives the party significant DMG buffs through elemental reactions and his own burst.

However, this 5-star Dendro unit has a low DMG. Moreover, his shield is weaker than that of Geo shielders. Besides, the new catalyst called Jadefall's Splendor is not his signature weapon. So, Baizhu does not have a signature catalyst now.

He Is A Good Dendro Enabler
He is a good Dendro enabler.

II. Baizhu Or Nahida?

Both Baizhu and Nahida are Dendro catalyst wielders. Therefore, many players get confused when deciding which character to pick for their team. Compare and make your own decisions.

2.1. Dendro Application Ability

The most outstanding difference in terms of Dendro application ability is the range of applied targets.

Range of buff

Baizhu's burst has a more narrow AoE with his burst. It's an almost single-target attack. Therefore, the pharmacist cannot apply his element on a wide area of the battlefield.

On the other hand, Nahida's kit continuously applies this element to a wide range of enemies marked by elemental skills on the battlefield. Then, it's easier for DPS characters to trigger AoE reactions. She can reduce the Dendro Resistance of targets massively when equipped with the Deepwood Memories artifact set.

Baizhu Is Not Better Than Nahida
Baizhu is not better than Nahida in Dendro application

Strength of Dendro Aura

In addition, the Dendro aura applied by Baizhu is weaker than that made by Nahida. His elemental burst can create a 1U aura while Nahida can trigger a 1.5U aura. It means that Baizhu cannot create Dendro auras continually as the only Dendro enabler in the team. Therefore, he is less useful for Hyperbloom teams.


But Baizhu's elemental burst can apply Dendro to targets when he is off-field. The Dendro cores he released will stay on the field and mark the next wave of opponents.

On the contrary, Nahida must stand on the field to apply the elemental aura to the opponents. It may interrupt rotation and reduce damage. That's why Nahida is less suitable for Cyno's teams.

Genshin Impact Nahida
Nahida can create a stronger aura, but she needs to be on-field. 

2.2. DMG Buffs

Their DMG buff mechanism is also different. They give elemental buffs to the team by using unique skills and talents. It makes them helpful for different team comps. It can be a base to select the better one for each team.

  • Nahida gives the team DMG buff with her elemental burst. Her AoE burst can buff hundreds of Elemental Mastery points for her teammates. She can buff all elemental reactions, but it will be limited when your team has already had another source of EM, such as Kazuha, Sucrose, Elegy For The End, etc.
Genshin Impact Nahida Buff
Nahida is more versatile for elemental mastery teams. 
  • Baizhu can buff their DMG more directly through Dendro-based elemental reactions gained at his 2nd ascension talent. Though his buff is not limited by other characters and weapons, it's limited within the type of reaction. Your team only gains Baizhu's buff in Dendro-based reactions.

Therefore, the owner of Buhu Pharmacy is better for Dendro-based teams while Nahida is more flexible. She can play for every team, especially the Archon team which involves the most powerful characters.

Baizhu Elemental Skill
He is almost a single-target enabler.

2.3. Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is a big disadvantage of Baizhu. He needs up to 80 Energy points to recharge his elemental burst. Therefore, you have to find proper and decent artifacts for this status. Nahida does not have this weak point. Her elemental burst only consumes 50 Energy points. Therefore, you don't need to focus on building Energy Recharge for the Dendro Archon.

III. Conclusion

To summarize, Baizhu and Nahida have their own pros and cons. Therefore, they can play for different teams in different roles. It's good to have both of them and build different teams for various challenges in Genshin Impact. Then, you can switch between two characters for various teams.

Baizhu Or Nahida
Baizhu or Nahida, it depends on your meta.

Baizhu's banner will end soon. Therefore, you should roll now to accumulate pity for his banner. Or else, skill this banner and wait until the next rerun if you had spent all your Fates on Nahida's banner in the first phase.

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