Kaveh is one of the rarest 4-star characters in Genshin Impact now. He will be a strong character if you know how to optimize his power and avoid silly mistakes. Here are the top must-avoid mistakes when using Kaveh in the game.

#1. Unaware Of His Healing Skill

Kaveh has a hidden self-healing ability from his Dendro Core bursts. It makes this character more self-sufficient. But he cannot heal himself when taking damage from enemies. Therefore, you had better play carefully and bring a healer or shielder with your party. It's one of the most common mistakes when using Kaveh during this time.

Kaveh Hidden Self Healing
Kaveh has a hidden self-healing skill.

#2. Use The Wrong Artifacts

Instead of selecting artifacts for his own abilities, you should equip Kaveh with the best artifacts that benefit his team. This character is an excellent Dendro enabler for the Bloom team. Therefore, you should equip a 4-piece artifact set of Paradise Lost to let him trigger Dendro Cores better.

Moreover, he should go with a character with the artifact set of Deepwood Memories to boost the overall DMG of the team. Besides, you should switch to the Gilded Dreams 4-piece artifact set when recruiting him for the Spread team.

Kaveh In Genshin Impact
Kaveh needs Paradise Lost or Gilded Dreams artifact sets for Bloom and Spread reactions.

#3. Focus On Elemental Mastery

Kaveh's kit needs a great Elemental Mastery buff to support the Bloom team. However, you cannot charge his Elemental burst quickly if you only focus on this status. He needs up to 80 Energy to activate the ultimate skill.

Therefore, players have to use a good battery or weapons and artifacts to build Energy Recharge for Kaveh. Alternatively, players using him in the Spread team must focus on his Crit Rate and Crit DMG stats.

Build His Em And Er
Build his EM and ER to use his burst regularly. 

#4. Exploit Kaveh As As Sub-DPS

Kaveh cannot support and deal DMG to enemies when being off-field. Therefore, you ought to exploit him as an on-field DPS character with Alhaitham. Moreover, players can only deploy Kaveh's elemental burst when he stays on the field. Therefore, you had better build him as an 0n-field DPS character. Swap to the battery during his elemental skill's cooldown.

Kaveh And Alhaitham
Both Kaveh and Alhaitham are good on-field DPS.

#5. Unaware Of His Burst

Kaveh's elemental burst makes every attack of this character Dendro-infused. Besides, it grants him interruption resistance to make all Dendro Cores on the field explore immediately. You should increase the talent level of his burst to increase the Bloom damage.

Timing the skill and burst is essential to produce enough Dendro Cores for the highest Bloom damage. You should release his elemental burst before using normal and charged attacks to infuse them with Dendro.

Kaveh Is A Good Dendro Enabler
Kaveh is a good Dendro enabler.

Avoid these mistakes when using Kaveh to play better. He is an ideal on-field DPS for Bloom and Spread teams.

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