While we have the hottest female and male character list in Genshin Impact, who do you think are the cutest ones in the game. Besides the many long-legged units, there are a slew of names who leave so much impression for their adorableness. A recent poll has revealed which characters players find the cutest. Check out below.

The cutest characters in Genshin Impact

A Reddit user has shared the poll voted by 100 players to choose the cutest character in Genshin Impact.

Topping the rank is Dendro Archon Nahida who has created frenzies ever since her introduction. Also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, she remained her child-like look even after hundreds of years.

Besides, her understanding nature and well-designed kit made her one of the most popular units at the moment. For the unknown, her banner broke Genshin Impact's revenue record when she first appeared.

Cutest Character Genshin Impact
Nahida is the cutest character in Genshin Impact according to a 100-person poll.

Klee made it to the top 2 with 17 votes. The Pyro vision holder is also one of the best Catalyst users in Genshin Impact. The little girl was on a Limited Banner way back in September 2020. Although the lineup of many characters slowly got her out of the meta, she is still a favorite in the fan community for her playstyle and unique personality.

Two characters, Sangonomiya Kokomi, who is a Hydro user from Inazuma, and Yaoyao, who is a Dendro user from Liyue, are tied for the third spot on the list. Kokomi was introduced to the game in Genshin Impact update 2.1 as a new Hydro healer. Many players overlooked her banner because the update also included the highly popular Raiden Shogun.

Kokomi Attack
Kokomi is returning soon in one of the upcoming banners.

However, Kokomi has since become known as one of the top Hydro characters in the game and is considered a necessary addition to the Bloom team composition.

Meanwhile, Yaoyao is a new Dendro character that wins hearts for her cute look and amazing healing abilities. Some players even made her a DPS as a joke, but turns out she can indeed rules that title in your roster.

The least cute character in Genshin Impact?

Along with the cutest character in Genshin Impact, players also voted for the characters that they think are the least cute. Do you know who is the king of this list?

Diluc has 16 votes and tops as the least cute character. While some agreed that he is too mysterious to be called cute, others had quite the opposite reaction and called him "baby girl" in a loving way.

Least Cute Character Genshin
Diluc is the least cute character.

The second place belongs to Dori, surprisingly. Although she also has a child-like appearance, she is not as cute as Nahida or Klee in other players' eyes. The third and fourth places belong to Itto and Kaeya. They are both considered husbandos in Genshin Impact. So a few may find them hot rather than cute, maybe.

Who is the cutest and least cute character in Genshin Impact? Share with us in the comments below!

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