The current double banner in Genshin Impact which features Baizhu and Ganyu is not doing as well as expected, according to sales reports. The developers of the game, HoYoverse, are continuously introducing new playable characters with each update, and the latest additions are Baizhu and Kaveh.

Some are even calling Baizhu and Ganyu banner the worst-selling one in the history.

These two characters are included in the second banner cycle of the game along with the five-star character Ganyu, who uses a Cryo bow. As Kaveh is a four-star character, players can obtain both new characters by spending their Primogems on the same limited banner.

Ganyu and Baizhu banner revenue

Well-known website GenshinLab, which tracks revenue for Genshin Impact, has revealed disappointing sales figures for the ongoing double banner featuring Ganyu and Baizhu.

Despite Baizhu being highly anticipated by fans for a long time now, his inclusion in the banner has not generated as much interest as expected. The Dendro Vision holder's banner is currently ranked 41st out of 47 Limited Character Banners on the all-time revenue list, indicating underwhelming sales.

Baizhu Ganyu Revenue
Baizhu and Ganyu banner revenue are even less than some solo banners.

Reasons why they are doing poorly

One possible explanation for the lackluster response is that Baizhu's release was delayed, possibly due to his limited ties to the Sumeru region that introduced the new element.

While he is indeed an A to S-tier character, many players seem to have avoided spending resources on him. Another contributing factor could be Baizhu being the eighth Dendro character to be introduced to the game within just nine months.

We should take into account the fact that there are only 8 Geo users in Genshin Impact until now. This element's introduction was way back in 2020.

Denro Characters
Is Baizhu and Ganyu banner doing poorly due to the considerable number of Dendro characters as of now?

On another hand, it is possible that fans skipped Baizhu's banner because they had already spent their Primogems on the first banner cycle for update 3.6. This banner featured the highly desirable Dendro Archon Nahida, along with the Nilou and a strong four-star lineup. Since Nahida is considered the best Dendro character in the game, players who needed a Dendro character may have chosen her over Baizhu.

Despite there still being two weeks left for Baizhu's banner to expire, recent leaks have already revealed the next set of characters that will have their re-runs in Genshin Impact 3.7. This information may have caused some players to hold onto their Primogems for the upcoming banners.

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