Nahida is a 5* Dendro Catalyst character who provides consistent and frequent Dendro application and damage both on-field and off-field, with a heavy focus on Dendro Elemental Reactions. She is one of the most powerful character to be released in Genshin.

Here are the top 10 best teammates for Nahida in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Raiden Shogun

Nahida’s unique AoE mechanics, good personal damage, strong EM buff and high Dendro application all cement her as a very potent option on all styles of Raiden teams looking to use Dendro reactions. She is mostly used in an off-field capacity for an on-field Raiden; however, the archons can choose to switch roles in some Hyperbloom teams where Nahida can provide on-field Dendro applications to produce Dendro cores for Raiden to react off of.

Raiden Shogun Genshin
Raiden Shogun

It is worth noting that while she is very strong, Nahida further increases some of Raiden’s struggles with handling wave-based content.

2. Nilou

Nilou is built around Bloom. She converts Dendro Cores to Bountiful Cores with her A1, increases Bountiful Core damage with her A4, and has off-field Hydro application.

Because Nahida’s TKP procs rely on Elemental Reactions being triggered, she cannot be used as solo Dendro off-field for Nilou Bloom teams and must be run with another Dendro unit. Even then, on-field solo Dendro Nahida and off-field double Dendro compositions are both viable options.

The only bad part about Bountiful Cores from Nilou is that they can't trigger Burgeon or Hyperbloom reaction. These reactions are triggered when Pyro or Electro element is applied to the Dendro Cores respectively.

3. Zhongli

Zhongli combines offensive and defensive support via a strong shield, a universal 20% RES shred, and Tenacity of the Millelith buffs. He eliminates the need for a healer, opening up the team for more options.


As Nahida does not have high HP, having his shield on demand would be a godsend. Additionally, the shield provides an additional safeguard in bloom teams, as careless players can be killed easily by their own Dendro cores.

4. Yae Miko

Nahida is the best Dendro enabler in the game, providing Yae with constant Dendro application and up to 250 EM while playing Yae on-field. Allows for extremely easy gameplay due to Nahida’s high range Elemental Skill and Yae’s turrets.

In Dendro reaction based teams, Yae can double or even triple dip in her EM stats through Aggravate and/or Hyperbloom. In addition, she can be paired with many strong units that synergize well with her both on-field and off-field. Do note that in Hyperbloom teams, she should still not build full EM as she does not consistently hit Dendro Cores when off-field and because of the lower team Dendro Core production when Yae is on-field.

5. Kuki Shinobu

Kuki’s strong off-field presence with both her damage and healing makes her a very useful asset for any Aggravate team.

Kuki Shinobu Banner Release Date 2 7
Kuki Shinobu

As a consequence of how Internal Cooldown works with Bloom reactions, Kuki is an excellent trigger of Hyperbloom, since her Skill hits every 1.5s in a wide AoE. As one of the few effective Hyperbloom triggers whilst also being a healer, Shinobu solidifies her worth as the Electro slot in a Hyperbloom team.

Kuki’s healing as an Electro character is her main selling point. Due to healers only needing relatively low investment, she can be slotted in many teams as a pure healer while offering her Electro application for various utilities.

6. Xiangling

Xiangling can sustain off-field Pyro application. Nahida’s Dendro application allows Xiangling to build high EM to maximize Burgeon damage. However, this team has a delicate setup; if Burning is triggered, Burgeons can easily be lost. Running a defensive unit such as a healer/shielder is necessary due to Burgeon self-damage.

Genshin Impact Xiangling

7. Xingqiu

Provides Hydro application. In addition, when playing Nahida as an on-field DPS, the damage reduction and interruption resistance allow her to be played more comfortably.

In on-field Hyperbloom/Burgeon Nahida teams, a second Hydro unit can be used in the Flex spot to keep up with Nahida’s Dendro application. For Quickbloom teams, however, this is undesirable.

8. Fischl

Strong off-field unit that has strong particle generation and can make use of the various buffs present in Nahida teams well. She can also help greatly with providing Electro aura in the teams to help enable rapid Aggravate/Spread.

Fischl is similar to Raiden in some areas due to being able to produce a lot of Electro Particles. In addition, the two can be run together both as off-field DPS, providing a lot of consistent and low-effort damage.

9. Yelan

Yelan's Ascension 4 Passive can provide a strong DMG% buff to Nahida, which can heavily increase her damage. Her playstyle is similar to Xingqiu, requiring regular Normal Attacks by Nahida and her teammates in order to apply Hydro. However, unlike Xingqiu she does not have Rain Sword orbitals, meaning without these Normal Attacks you will not be triggering bloom.

Genshin Impact Yelan

10. Kokomi

Kokomi provides off-field Hydro application and heal, which are useful in Nahida bloom teams. She can apply Hydro to enable simultaneous Hyperbloom and Electro-Charged while still maintaining decent Quicken aura uptime.

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