Xiao is a hyper carry, meaning that he should be on the field dealing damage as often as possible. Because of that, his supports need to have good utility - from providing Xiao with energy/shield/healing to dealing damage off-field.

Here are the top 10 best supports for Xiao in Genshin Impact 2023.

1. Faruzan

Faruzan is Xiao’s best support. She offers a vast range of utilities from immense buffs to non-5*-locked Anemo RES Shred, all of which Xiao benefits from. She single-handedly raises Xiao’s personal damage by approximately 40%-60% depending on buffs and team.

Faruzan Has Great Debuff Ability
Faruzan is the long awaited Anemo support for Xiao

She enables other Crit-built Anemo units to be run alongside Xiao as they can benefit from the aforementioned buffs too. Before C6, due to her limited particle generation, it’s recommended to run her along with another Anemo battery.

2. Zhongli

Zhongli is one of Xiao’s best supporters. His shield is the strongest in the game, allowing Xiao to resist stagger from enemies and focus on plunging safely, even permitting healerless comps. Additionally, he requires no energy management to function effectively.

Zhongli Was Weaker Than Expected

Furthermore, Zhongli’s shield offers Anemo Res Shred at C0 and easy access to Geo Resonance. His Burst can Crowd Control by petrifying enemies. If built, his Burst and Skill resonance damage can also deal notable Sub-DPS damage. Finally, he can run 4pc TOM or 4pc NO to buff his team.

3. Albedo

Albedo is Xiao's premiere off-field Sub DPS. He is one of the only Sub-DPS whose Skill lasts the entirety of Xiao’s Burst duration.

Albedo Genshin Impact

Additionally, Albedo has decent particle generation through Elemental Skill (around equal to C6 Fischl). When paired with Zhongli, adds Geo Resonance. Gearing him is also pretty easy, as he has cheap F2P weapon options, including Cinnabar Spindle and R5 Harbinger of Dawn.

4. Bennett

It is not a surprise that the universal support Bennett is suitable to go with Xiao. His Elemental Burst offers fast healing while he offers ATK buff from both his talent and 4pc NO.


Bennett’s Burst also has an interesting synergy: it only heals when the character inside is below 70% health. It can actually heal over 70%, but the healing only triggers when a character is below that threshold. Since Xiao constantly loses health, you’ll actually trigger the healing effect more often as you’ll just dip below 70%.

Players might need to be a bit careful while using Bennett, as Xiao’s plunges knock back enemies - it can sometimes be hard to stay within his circle.

5. Sucrose

Sucrose is one of the best possible Battery ones can have for Xiao. At C0 she should use Sacrificial Fragments, but at C1+ she can equip whatever Catalyst suits your needs (generally Thrilling Tales of Dragon SlayersTTDS or Prototype Amber).

Sucrose Is An Anemo Battery

TTDS at Refinement 5 gives a massive 48% Attack buff for 10 seconds to the character that Sucrose switches into. This huge attack buff scales well with Xiao’s kit, especially if his Artifacts and Weapons are built for Crit or Anemo damage.

6. Raiden

Raiden enables Xiao to continuously burst with minimal ER requirements and provides flexibility with rotations by eliminating the need to funnel. She mitigates Xiao’s disadvantages against phased bosses and in energy-scarce scenarios and allows Xiao to use supports and buffers with high burst costs.

Raiden Shogun

Even at C0, Raiden’s personal damage is worth the rotation extension. The only drawback is that Raiden needs more investment than other battery options, especially Sucrose who only needs TTDS.

7. Diona

Diona is one of the better options if you run Xiao with double Cryo or don't have a better shielder. Her skill provides a solid shield that is the most practical after Zhongli’s. Her healing is also solid, though ticks are slower than other options.

Dionas Birthday

Can consistently generate particles with Favonius Bow due to her multi-hit Hold Elemental Skill. Has the potential to battery other Cryo supports in a double Cryo team comp.

8. Fischl

Fischl provides considerable Single-Target Sub-DPS. She can also be converted into a pure support build with Elegy and 4pc ToM for buffing purposes.

Fischl Genshin

Additionally, Fischl’s C6 can be procced with NA cancels between Xiao’s plunges.

9. Yelan

Yelan can sustain Burst for most of Xiao’s field time and provides DMG Bonus% from her A4 passive, making her a solid buffer and Sub-DPS.

Genshin Impact Best Yelan Build And Ascension Mate

While players will need to use combos with normal attacks or NA cancels to utilize her damage, but is easier to proc than most. Additionally, she has high ER requirements to sustain Burst uptime; therefore may require Raiden or Favonius Weapons.

10. Jean

Jean’s main strength lies in her multi-purposeness. She can be built as a Sub-DPS, while still providing team-wide healing and generating particles relatively quickly with her tap E. 4pc Ocean-Hued Clam is a good alternative to 4pc NO for Burst DPS Jean.

Jean Genshin Impact By Raikoart Ddpgpor Pre

Her C4 is particularly strong if fielded with Faruzan due to additional RES Shred.

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