Dehya is the upcoming Pyro claymore character to be released in 3.5. Currently, she is a quest-exclusive NPC that appears in Chapter III of the Archon Quests. Due to Dehya's brave and charismatic personality, many fans have come to like her and are hoping to get her if and when she is released.

A recent leak has revealed quite a few pieces of information about Dehya's kit.

Dehya Splashart V0 Dmfj80asdt9a1
Dehya Splash art

1. Dehya's damage scaling leak

According to the current highest upvoted comment of this NGA thread, this is the same user who leaked Nahida's actual kit while people were still believing the fake dendro mist kit. Apparently, Dehya's kit has the following attributes.

  1. She has HP conversion to dmg% bonus, but talents scale off ATK only.
  2. E and Q are not interactive. (For example, Yae E Q would be considered as interactive, or Eula E Q)
  3. E's frequency is very slow. Expecting it to be a consistent pyro applicator is not realistic.
  4. Has nothing to do with DEF scaling, much less burning.

How good is Dehya?

Overall, the general opinion of people on her current kit is not that great because HP on a damage-dealing Pyro character just makes no sense. Ayato has Hydro resonance being a max HP% boost, Yae has EM, which is key on Electro characters (and generally a pretty nice stat to have), but a Pyro character generally has no use for HP.

Genshin Impact Dehya Banner Release Date

This means Dehya might be a future proof design for the upcoming Hydro nation release - the Hydro archon might be able to synergize with her.

DPS or support

With Dehya's E frequency being low, it is very likely that she would be either a sub DPS or a main DPS. The inability to apply Pyro off-field makes her inferior to most Pyro support.

The final point states that her kit will not be affected by Defense in any way, and it is also not centered around the Burning reaction caused by Pyro and Dendro. This means that Dehya might be either a Pure Pyro character or a Vaporize/Melt DPS.

2. Dehya's signature claymore leak

Based on a leak from Niana, Dehya might going to get a signature Claymore from the Deshret series of weapons. This means it will have the same style as Cyno and Nilou's signatures.

The item stats are believed to be at the max ATK of 607, with a 33.1% CRIT Rate at level 90. However, its passive and scaling are still unknown.

3. Dehya's potential kit

According to an older Genshin leak, Dehya might be an off-field Pyro DPS, with 2 different types of attack on her Elemental Skill. The first might be a summon similar to Fischl - Dehya can cast the skill again to blow the summon up dealing Pyro damage in an AoE.

It is weird that 4.0 characters are already leaked but Dehya's kit is still not out yet.

On the other hand, Dehya's Burst will deal Pyro damage over a short period of time and will change her Elemental Skill to a unique dash, which can be used 3 times in a row to deal Pyro damage to enemies. It has a cooldown to prevent spamming. At the end of its duration, Dehya's Elemental Burst will end with an explosion dealing AOE Pyro damage to surrounding enemies.

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