Lynette is one of the newest characters introduced in Genshin Impact. Although better known as her brother Lyney's best sidekick, she has a lot of potential to surpass what players expected her to be. In order to maximize her abilities, Genshin Impact players should ascend her with materials like the Lumidouce Bell while also equipping her with the most suitable weapon.

Check out Lynette best weapon that can enhance her powerful skills.

Lyneytte Best Weapon
Which is the best weapon for Lynette in Genshin Impact?

4-star weapon for Lynette

1. Sacrificial Sword

  • Base Attack: 454
  • Additional Stat: Energy Recharge 61.3%
Sacrificial Sword
Sacrificial Sword is a 4-star blade that can greatly benefit Lynette.

This sword helps Lynette activate her Elemental Burst, and having a higher Energy Recharge stat ensures her Burst ability remains consistently available.

The sword's extra stat can be combined with Emblem of Severed Fate. With just the two pieces of this set, your Energy generation will noticeably improve.

If you use all four pieces, Lynette becomes extremely potent. Her elemental Burst damage goes up by 25 percent, and when combined with her effective Passive ability that generates more Energy, she becomes like a powerful energy source.

2. The Black Sword

  • Base Attack: 510
  • Additional Stat: CRIT. Rate 27.6%
The Black Sword
The Black Sword is also a decent choice.

The Black Sword is an excellent sword if you want Lynette to take on the main DPS role. Additionally, it aids Lynette's healing whenever she achieves a critical hit.

Furthermore, its extra stat greatly contributes to achieving an impressive CRIT rate. So, in essence, you can transform your support-focused Lynette into a primary DPS character.

The Black Sword's special ability enhances the damage of both normal and charged attacks by a significant 20%. This minor increase can have a substantial impact on the battlefield. The healing effect allows Lynette to restore 60% of her attack as health when she achieves a critical hit, and this healing can be used every five seconds. Altogether, this sword offers a well-balanced and versatile option.

5-star best weapon for Lynette

1. Freedom-Sworn

  • Base Attack: 608
  • Additional Stat: Elemental Mastery 198
Freedom Sworn Lynette
Freedom-Sworn and Lynette are a perfect combo, especially when you want to maximize her Support prowess.

The best Lynette weapon is definitely this Support-Sub DPS sword which has an exceptionally beneficial extra stat. The Freedom-Sworn Sword ensures that Lynette enjoys a significant boost in Swirl Damage thanks to the Elemental Mastery stat.

It is particularly well-suited for support characters like Lynette, and the elemental damage it enables is truly impactful. When Lynette wields this sword and triggers Elemental Reactions, she can acquire a Sigil of Rebellion.

The effect can activate every 5 seconds, even while she's not on the field. If Lynette accumulates two Sigils of Rebellion, her party members receive a substantial buff.

All members can capitalize on the Song of Resistance buff, which raises their attack by 20 percent and also amplifies normal, charged, and plunging attack damage by 16 percent. With this Sword in hand, Lynette can unleash significant elemental damage, offer valuable support buffs, and boast a base attack of 608. So, make sure not to overlook the Freedom-Sworn when gearing up for your next battle.

2. Skyward Blade

  • Base Attack: 608
  • Additional Stat: Energy Recharge 55.1%
Lynette best weapon
Skyward Blade is also the Lynette best weapon as of now.

If you're in search of a Support and Sub-DPS weapon that boasts a strong base attack, your perfect choice is the Skyward Blade. The Energy Recharge stat is also valuable for maintaining Lynette's Burst potential.

This sword offers a movement boost, enhancing Lynette's speed, and even an attack buff that ramps up her attack speed. These enhancements stay active for a substantial 12 seconds, effectively elevating her strength and agility.

This dynamic essentially morphs her into a formidable DPS even within her support role. On another hand, the sword features a passive effect that heightens CRIT rate. Altogether, an exceptional choice to elevate Lynette's capabilities to new heights.

3. Mistsplitter Reforged

  • Base Attack: 674
  • Additional Stat: CRIT Dmg 44.1%
Mistsplitter Reforged
Mistsplitter Reforged sword.

Mistsplitter Reforged sword is a fusion of a Support and Main DPS weapon. With its attributes, it's a game-changer for Lynette.

This sword facilitates Lynette in effortlessly accumulating two stacks, boasts an astounding base attack of 674, and enhances critical hit damage by a substantial 44.1%.

If you're ready to elevate your Lynette's performance to a new level, the Mistsplitter Reforged Sword is the perfect choice.

Moreover, Lynette has the opportunity to acquire a notable 12 percent Elemental damage bonus with this sword. For optimal results in maximizing this damage, an infusion is required. If you're seeking a potent weapon with enormous potential for dealing significant damage, you're in for a treat with this extraordinary piece.

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