Fountain Of Lucine is the new reward system in Genshin Impact found in Fontaine. To level it up, you can offer Hydro sigils to this fountain and claim many attractive rewards. Check out how to unlock this reward system here.

Fountain Of Lucine
Explore the new reward system - Fountain Of Lucine in Fontaine.

I. Fountain Of Lucine Location & Unlock

The new reward system Fountain of Lucine is located in the Court of Fontaine. It's in the subarea near the Opera Epiclese. To reach this place, you can use the Teleport Waypoint near this fountain.

If you arrive there for the first time, take the Aquabus Navia Line to get there quickly. The Aquabus takes you to the Marcotte Station. Then, get off the bus and run towards the Opera Epiclese. The fountain is right in front of the Opera house. It would be faster than swimming through the ocean.

There is no prerequisite quest to unlock the Fountain of Lucine. But you can unlock it while progressing through Act 1 in Fontaine's Archon Quest. Then, you can bring your collectibles there, offer them to the fountain, and claim attractive rewards.

Genshin Impact Fountain Of Lucine
This Fountain is located in front of the famous Opera Epiclese in the subarea of the Court.

II. How To Level Up Fountain of Lucine

To level up in the Fountain of Lucine reward system, you have to farm Hydro sigils from treasure chests and Statues of the Seven. You can get a useful gadget blueprint called "Hydro Treasure Compass" after reaching level 9 in the Reputation system of the Hydro Nation.

This 4-star gadget helps users locate nearby treasure chests. Use 10 Golden Raven Insignia tokens, 30 Beryl Conches collected underwater in Fontaine, and 50 Crystal Chunks to craft it. As you need up to 30 Hydro Sigils to unlock a new level in this reward system, try to farm as many sigils as possible.

Here are the number of sigils you can obtain from each type of treasure chest:

  • Normal chest: 1 sigil;
  • Exquisite chest: 2 sigils;
  • Precious chest: 3 sigils;
  • Luxurious chest: 4 sigils.

The spare Hydro sigils can be used to purchase many items from the Souvenir shop in Fontaine.

Open Treasure Chests
Open treasure chests in the Hydro nation to get Hydro sigils.

III. Fountain of Lucine Reward Preview

The Fountain of Lucine has 50 Levels to unlock. But there are only 20 Levels available for Genshin Impact players to unlock and claim rewards as of update 4.0. Here are all the prime rewards you can obtain after reaching level 25 in this system.

  • Acquaint Fates x8;
  • Intertwined Fates x4;
  • Fragile Resin x2;
  • Fontaine Shrine of Depths Keys x2;
  • Philosophies of Equity x4;
  • Midlander Billets x2 (of sword and claymore);
  • Crown of Insight x2;
  • Philosophies of Justice x4;
  • Philosophies of Order x2.

This is a good source of rare materials, Adventure EXP, Mystic Ores, and Mora. Let's unlock and maximize its level now. Further levels of this fountain will be unveiled for players to unlock in upcoming updates.

Offer 30 Hydro Sigils
Offer 30 Hydro sigils to unlock a level of this fountain.

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