In Genshin Impact, the Iron Viscount is a legendary figure in the aquatic Fontaine region, serving as a unique underwater boss. Defeating it once will grant you access to Precious, Exquisite, and Luxurious Chests.

Due to the distinct underwater combat mechanics, defeating Fontaine's formidable crab can be challenging. To assist you, we've provided a quick and straightforward strategy for defeating the Iron Viscount boss in Genshin Impact below.

How To Defeat Iron Viscount
How To defeat Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact 4.0.

If you're searching for Fontaine's local legends and having trouble locating the Iron Viscount, its location is also detailed in our article.

Genshin Impact Iron Viscount location

You can find the Iron Viscount Genshin Impact within a hidden cave that you access through the Hot Springs located in the central Elynas area. This region is situated in the southwestern part of Fontaine.

Viscount Location
Iron Viscount Genshin Impact location.

To reach the Iron Viscount's location, follow the main southern path starting from the Elynas Statue of Seven. Eventually, you'll encounter the correct hot spring.

However, the Iron Viscount is not directly present within this hot spring. Instead, you must solve a puzzle to unlock the passage that leads to its actual location.

Genshin Impact Iron Viscount boss strategy

Initially, defeating the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact might appear daunting, as its vast health bar barely budges from your attacks. However, there's a clever strategy to inflict substantial damage on this formidable foe.

To ensure a relatively easy victory against the Iron Viscount in Genshin Impact, follow these detailed steps:

  • Harness the Shield Ability: Your first step is to absorb the shield ability of one of the smaller blue crabs in the vicinity. By holding down the designated button, you can assimilate this protective capability.
  • Counter and Defend: As you sense the Iron Viscount gearing up for an attack, your next move is to hold down the Elemental Skill button, thereby creating a protective shield. This defensive maneuver allows you to effectively counter the assault.
  • Exploit the Weakness: Following the Viscount's unleashed attack, release the Elemental Skill button precisely when a distinct blue circle emerges on the Iron Viscount's underbelly. This vulnerability is the key to your success.
  • Repeat: The key to victory lies in repetition. Execute the aforementioned sequence—absorbing the shield ability, defending against the assault, and exploiting the resulting weakness—approximately 4 or 5 times. This process may seem iterative, but it paves the way to ultimately defeating the Iron Viscount.

It's important to note that the same strategic approach remains effective even when the Iron Viscount erects a shield and acquires a white shield bar. By diligently adhering to these steps, you can systematically chip away at the Iron Viscount's health bar, leaving it defeated and conquered.

Iron Viscount Achievement
Winning against Iron Viscount Genshin Impact will unlock an achievement.

Upon emerging victorious in the battle against the Iron Viscount, don't forget to unlock the Precious Chest situated within the same vicinity. Afterward, make use of the currents to navigate back to the Hot Spring. Within its serene waters, your explorations can continue unhindered, granting you access to an Exquisite and Luxurious Chest that awaits discovery.

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