Should you happen to draw either Lynette or Lyney of the skilled duo, incorporating them into your party will be your desire in Genshin Impact 4.0. However, just like all your Genshin Impact characters, you'll need to enhance their levels for the most significant effect. For Lyney and Lynette ascension materials, you will need the Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell. You can find the locations of these exquisite plants below.

Where to find Lumidouce Bells in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell is scattered throughout the wild of the Fontaine region. You can easily spot them as they grow on tall and graceful stems. Each plant consists of three Lumidouce Bells.

Lumidouce Bell Locations
What Lumidouce Bells look like.

You can locate the Lumidouce Bells in the following areas:

  • Several patches to the north of the Court.
  • West of the Fountain of Lucine.
  • In the northeast of Elynas.
  • Along the western coast of Fontaine.
  • East of the central Elynas waypoint.
  • Towards the south-west of Elynas.
  • Quite far to the south of the Statue of the Seven.
  • At the northern edge of Mont Automnequi.
  • On the southern edge of Mont Automnequi.

Continue reading for precise instructions on finding Lumidouce Bell locations. You should make use of teleport waypoints to save time.

In case you haven't unlocked them yet, you can refer to the locations on the map below for assistance.

Northern Fontaine

North Fontaine Lumidouce Bell
Lumidouce Bell farrming route.

To gather all the Lumidouce Bells in the northern part of Fontaine, follow these steps:

  • Teleport to the northernmost waypoint in Fontaine, and you'll spot a plant to your south.
  • Proceed west along the path. You'll find another plant north of the Echoes of the Deep Tides domain.
  • Head back southeast and locate the tree atop a small hill, close to a group of slimes. Here, you'll discover three Lumidouce Bell plants, totaling nine bells.
  • Just southeast from there, find a plant near the elemental monument, and spot two more plants to your right under another tree.
  • Lastly, in this region, there's an additional plant to the southeast under a tree near the central coastline, just north of the Court.
  • Use the waypoint at the Fountain of Lucine.
  • Move west from the Fountain, sticking to the mountain's edge rather than climbing it. This way, you'll encounter two more plants.

Southern Fontaine

South Fontaine Lumidouce Bell Jpg
Lumidouce Bell in southern Fontaine.

Moving to the South area of Fontaine, you may check this route for ultimate Lumidouce Bell farming:

  • Teleport to the northwest Elynas waypoint and head west, reaching the coast for one plant near the waterfall's base.
  • Use the east Elynas waypoint for two plants in the ravine behind the camp.
  • From the central Elynas waypoint, glide east between trees and a waterfall for the first plant. Another is close by, and a third is up the slope.
  • At the western Beryl Region waypoint, climb the east cliff for another plant.
  • Use the southern Beryl Region waypoint for three more plants.
  • On the Mont Automnequi waypoint, find two plants behind you.
  • Heading directly south on the mountain, locate two more plants.

In total, you'll be able to gather 75 Lumidouce Bells in each run.

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