Genshin Impact 4.0 Pre-Installation package is available for players to download now. It's expected to be a big update with the release of a new nation. But its resource size still leaves many players shocked. Check it out here.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Pre-Installation Size

As usual, the pre-installation resource package is released two days before the official update comes out. It lets players get and install the resource package of the following update now. Then, you can experience the new version right after the maintenance time two days later.

The upcoming version will be a big update with a large resource package. Make sure your devices have enough free space for the new version.

  • On PC: 32 - 34.2 GB;
  • On mobile: 8 - 10 GB.

Go to the Setting > Resource to download the package. Remember to clear up storage to make enough room for this update.

Update 4 0 Pre Installation Package Size
Update 4.0 pre-installation package size is up to 8 GB on the smartphone.

The voice package also enlarges the resource package of the game. If you download another voice package, you need some free Gigabytes in your storage space. Moreover, a large package of resources can make your smartphone heat up when playing. Therefore, Genshin Impact players with low-end and mid-end phones should avoid downloading additional voice and language packages.

Why Is Update 4.0 A Big Download?

Update 4.0 will introduce a new nation with a novel underwater world. It requires a brand-new mechanism. Therefore, the size of the resource package is certainly larger than in previous updates. It has a new land with underwater, underground, and above-ground areas with tons of new features, such as materials, bosses, NPCs, puzzles, machines, etc.

Fontaine Teyvat
The next update will unveil a new nation with unique gameplay.

Genshin Impact Cloud service - GeForce NOW - can be an effective solution for gamers on many platforms. Or else, tidy up your PC or smartphone's storage to make free space for this game. Whenever Hoyoverse is about to release a new update for Genshin Impact, they make their users go nuts with the app size.

The next update will start on August 16th. You cannot log into the game during the maintenance downtime. Wait and come back after 11:00 am (UTC+8) to explore the new update and new nation.

Melusine Genshin Impact
Enter the game after maintenance to claim attractive rewards and 600 free Primogems.

Genshin Impact 4.0 will introduce only a part of Fontaine. Further areas of the Hydro nation will be unlocked in upcoming updates.

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