Fontaine Aquabus is a brand-new vehicle in Genshin Impact 4.0. It lets you move around Fontaine conveniently and quickly. Let's learn how to use this vehicle and summon it in this Hydro nation here.

I. Aquabus Station Locations

Aquabus is a new mode of transportation in the Hydro nation that connects the Court of Fontaine with the city outskirts. There are three Aquabus stations in this country, including:

  • Maritime Harbor;
  • Court of Fontaine Station Hub;
  • Marcotte Station.

You can take sights of Fontaine along the waterways throughout this country. The adorable Melusine tour guide will give you a lot of interesting information about famous landscapes when the bus passes by them.

Waterways In Fontaine
Aquabuses in Fontaine run on waterways linking the main islands of the Hydro nation.

II. How To Take Aquabus

You have to go to an Aquabus station to take this bus. It's impossible to take it midway. When you reach the bus station, you have to wait for the bus if it's not available at the station. Approach the nearby wooden bench at the station and tap on the button of waiting for the Aquabus.

If it's already at the station, get in the vehicle and talk to Melusine to start the trip. Then, the tour guide will start the boat ride and take you to the destination.

How To Start The Aquabus
Talk to the Melusine on the boat to start the Aquabus.

III. Aquabus Lines

There are three Aquabus lines, two of which connect three stations and the other line can be prolonged in upcoming updates. Let's check out the routes of these three lines here.

#1. Clementine Line

The first Aquabus line that Genshin Impact players go through is Clementine Line. It connects the Maritime Harbor and the Court of Fontaine. Aeval is the Melusine tour guide on this boat. You can take this boat from these two stations.

It's also the longest Aquabus Line in Fontaine now. It will take you through the rural and mountainous regions of Poisson to the urban area in the Court of Fontaine. During the trip, you will go through a lot of stunning areas and iconic destinations in the Hydro nation.

Aquabus Genshin Impact
All Aquabus lines in Genshin Impact start from the Station Hub in the Court of Fontaine. 

#2. Navia Line

Navia Line is a short Aquabus line from Marcotte Station and the Station Hub in the Court of Fontaine. In the Station Hub, you enter the elevator and select 3F: Navia Line and go to the wooden bench to summon the Aquabus.

#3. Callas Line

Callas Line connects the Station Hub and an unknown station in the locked map. This line can be added in upcoming updates when further parts of Fontaine are released.

Explore Stunning Views
You can explore stunning views during the boat tour. 

You should take the Aquabus to travel between the three current islands of Fontaine quickly. These land patches are separated by large sea areas. It will take you a longer time to traverse by the Waverider.

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