There are four Shrine of Depths in Fontaine. These Shrines have Luxurious Treasure Chests with lots of attractive rewards. Let's check out their locations and how to obtain keys to unlock these shrines in Fontaine here.

I. Shrine Of Depths Locations

The current map of Fontaine has four Shrines of Depths scattered in four corners of the map. Let's check out the locations of these shrines here.

#1. Elynas

The first shrine is placed in the southwest of Elynas. It's close to two teleport waypoints in this area and a hot-spring lake. Besides, there is a ruin with some Ruin Hunter. Don't be targeted before unlocking the shrine.

Shrine Of Depth Locations In Genshin Impact 4 0
Shrine Of Depth locations in Genshin Impact 4.0.

#2. Elton Trench

The second shrine lies underwater in Elton Trench. Head a little south from the Teleport Waypoint and dive into a cave in the middle of this trench. If you spot some metal wreckage while swimming to the shrine, you are in the right way.

Underwater Shrine Of Depth Fontaine Genshin
There is an underwater Shrine Of Depth in Fontaine.

#3. Court of Fontaine

The third Shrine of Depths in Fontaine can be found in the Northern mountainous area of the Court of Fontaine. It's in the southeast of the Echoes of the Deep Tides domain. From the northernmost teleport waypoint, you head south to reach this shrine.

Court Of Fontaine
The shrine in the North of the Court of Fontaine.

#4. Marcotte Station

From Marcotte Station, you head north to reach the fourth Shrine of Depths in Fontaine. You don't need to climb the mountain cliff. It lies under the mountain cliff. It's near the red border of the current map. There isn't any Teleport Waypoint close to this shrine. So, you have to run to this spot on foot.

Fontaine Shrine Of Depths Locations
There is a Shrine Of Depths in the north of Marcotte Station.

II. Shrine Of Depths Keys

You have to use the Shrine of Depths Keys to unlock these shrines and get the treasure chest. There are two ways to obtain these keys in Fontaine.

  • Level 2 in the Statues of the Seven in Fontaine;
  • Fontaine's Fountain of Lucine.

Like the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru, you have to offer Hydro sigils to the Fountain of Lucine to level it up and claim rewards. You will get some keys to the Shrine of Depths when reaching certain levels at this Fountain.

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