Unfinished Comedy Genshin is a long quest in Fontaine 4.1. You have to complete this World quest to unlock many new features in the new area of this country. Check out the quest location, tips for quick completion, and rewards.

I. Unfinished Comedy Location & Unlock

Unfinished Comedy is a new World Quest in Genshin Impact 4.1. It takes place in the Fortress Of Meropide. You need to meet some requirements to unlock this quest. Only players at Adventure Rank 40 and above who completed the following quests can unlock this new world quest.

  • To the Shining of the Stars in the Deep;
  • Dead End;
  • Courage with Fists;
  • Palliative; and
  • Safety.

That's why completing old World quests and Archon Quest is a must before each new update. You should also complete Unfinished Comedy and other quests in Update 4.1 before Genshin Impact 4.2 to prepare for upcoming Archon and World quests.

Genshin Impact Unfinished Comedy Location
Go to the Fortress of Meropide to do the Unfinished Comedy Genshin quest.

II. Unfinished Comedy Walkthrough

The Unfinished Comedy Genshin quest chain has three Subquests. You have to complete one by one to finish this quest and claim lots of rewards.

#1. Game of the Rich

Upon entering the Fortress of Meropide, you head to the Administrative Area to find Darcy and talk to him to start the quest. Then, follow this NPC to meet Estienne and listen to them talk about the Coupon Millionaire.

Once you complete conversations with Estienne, talk with the little girl named Lanoire and go on an adventure with her. At the end of the adventure, enjoy a free Welfare Meal with this little girl at the Coupon Cafeteria. Then, she will lead you to Rag and Bone Shop to talk to Alvard, and then Cater in the dormitory block.

Complete The Game Of The Rich
Complete the Game of the Rich subquest.

The main mission of the Game of Rich is to obtain Credit Coupons in four days by completing daily missions. Here are four daily missions and amounts of Credit Coupons you can obtain.

Day Scene of Life Missions Numbers of coupons
1 Safe Operation Solve the aged Gear Drivetrain puzzle. 280
Get the common chest in Supply Warehouse 1. 30
2 Dead End Complete Galvaryet's mission. 280
Get the common chest in the big pipe. 30
3 Fists of Fury Combat with Nizami. 280
A Raw Deal Complete December's mission. 280
Treat the Symptoms Complete Lechlade's quest. 280
4 Chit-Chat Talk to Nakul, receive the quest, and complete it. 280
Unfinished Task Receive Nelly's mission and find the NPC Grainville to take a photo. 280

After earning enough coupons, you return to the Bulletin Board in the Administrative Area to report the quest to Estienne and obtain rewards for the first subquest.

Do Four Daily Missions
Complete seven scenes and obtain 2,020 Credit Coupons.

#2. An Eye for an Eye

Upon completing Game of the Rich, the next subquest of Unfinished Comedy Genshin will be unlocked automatically. It's also a long quest with lots of objectives and missions. You have to leave the fortress to start this quest before returning there to complete it.

Go through the following objectives to complete 'An Eye for an Eye'.

  1. Accompany Lanoire and the group to the starting point of the subquest.
  2. Clear the Gardemek mob and return to the Fortress.
  3. Find Caterpillar and Lanoire in the dormitory block.
  4. Get ready to leave the fortress.
  5. Sneak to the abandoned production area silently and secretly and avoid the searchlight. It's the most challenging part of this subquest. By following the instructions and navigation of the quest, you can complete this mission. Remember to stick to the wall and avoid running across and cutting toward the elevator.
  6. Operate the Drive Valve like what you did in the Safe Operation.
  7. Go deeper into the tunnel and head to Geode Mine Shaft.
  8. Get the energy storage device and break the seal around the Energy Terminal successively.
  9. Keep exploring to find the truth and defeat Noailles.
  10. Escape the fortress.

You must leave the fortress without being detected to complete this subquest of Unfinished Comedy. Then, the last subquest will be unlocked automatically.

#3. Hereafter...

Hereafter is the last part of Unfinished Comedy Genshin. You only have to find Lanoire and Caterpillar and escort Lanoire home. Travelers only have to complete the conversation, follow the navigation, and complete the objectives of the quest. After completing Hereafter, you complete the whole long quest of Unfinished Comedy.

Complete Unfinished Comedy
Go to Lanoire's house to finish the quest.

III. Unfinished Comedy Rewards

Each subquest of Unfinished Comedy has an individual set of rewards. Here is what you will obtain after completing each quest.

Subquest Rewards
Game of the Rich
  • 40 Primogems;
  • 3 Mystic ores;
  • 30,000 Mora;
  • 2 Hero's Wits;
  • 300 Adventure EXP.
An Eye for An Eye
  • 50 Primogems;
  • 3 Mystic ores;
  • 30,000 Mora;
  • 5 Hero's Wits;
  • 400 Adventure EXP.
  • 20 Primogems;
  • 20,000 Mora;
  • 150 Adventure EXP.

Unfinished Comedy Genshin Impact is one of the major quests in Genshin Impact 4.1. Let's complete it before Update 4.2 comes out. You also get a significant point of Adventure EXP for leveling up.

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