Resounding Melodies is a new time-limited bundle with many amazing items. Let's check out the schedule and price of this bundle as well as how to obtain these amazing rewards here.

I. Resounding Melodies Schedule & Rewards

The time-limited bundle named "Resounding Melodies" is available to purchase in Paimon's shop now. It's purchasable between Oct 30th and December 19th, 2023. This is an attractive bundle with many rare items, including:

  • 1000 Primogems;
  • A Celebration Euphonia (Festive Namecard);
  • A Sublime Crane Feather Strings (Festive Furnishing);
  • 5 Sticky Honey Roasts;
  • A Wings of Transient Dreams.

These attractive goodies are time-limited. So, you should purchase this pack before it's removed from the store.

'Resounding Melodies' is a time-limited bundle with attractive rewards.

II. How To Get Resounding Melodies

The Resounding Melodies reward bundle is available to purchase or redeem. Let's check out how to get this pack before the event ends.

#1. How To Redeem

Only Genshin Impact players having the 2023 Genshin Concert ticket can get a redemption code for this bundle. If you can secure the ticket, check the in-game mailbox to get the redemption code. The ticket redemption code will be valid until Feb 29th, 2024. So, you have enough time to redeem this bundle before it expires.

Genshin Concert 2023
If you can keep your ticket for the Genshin Concert 2023, you will get a code for this bundle.

#2. How To Purchase

Other Genshin Impact players can purchase the Resounding Melodies bundle with 1280 Genesis Crystals from Paimon's Shop. Log in and go to the shop to purchase the pack. If you don't have enough Genesis Crystals, top up this currency before purchasing the special pack. Go to the official top-up pages of the game to buy Genesis Crystals with real cash.

Get A Sublime Crane Feather Strings
Get a musical instrument in the bundle after purchasing this pack.

With 1000 Primogems in this bundle, you can buy six Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates for upcoming event banners or the permanent banner in this game. Besides, the Sublime Crane Feather Strings is a beautiful furnishing item for your Serenitea Pot decoration ideas. You can use them in many Chinese-style outdoor decorations.

Since the pack was introduced, lots of Genshin Impact players have been redeeming this pack for this musical instrument. This new furnishing item is highly welcomed among lots of Serenitea communities thanks to its charming design. Moreover, this rare item cannot be purchased in other methods.

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