The double banner featuring Furina and Baizhu was introduced on November 8 in Genshin Impact. This event gave players just over a week to try and obtain these characters. Lady Furina, as a new Archon in Genshin Impact, has garnered significant attention since her initial appearance in the first Fontaine update.

Recently, ccording to a Genshin Impact chart, the revenue performance of the ongoing double banner has been unveiled after one week. In each game update, there are two parts, each introducing a unique set of limited characters, typically consisting of two five-star and three four-star units. For Baizhu and Furina banner, some interesting data has popped up.

Furina Banner revenue
What is the highlight of Furina banner that is making fans really surprised?

Furina banner sales

HoYoverse's updates typically introduce at least one new five-star character, resulting in limited banners featuring two or three re-runs. GenshinLab, a popular revenue website for Genshin Impact, has disclosed the one-week performance of the currently featured 5-star characters.

As per the post, Furina and Baizhu banner ranks as the third most popular banner in history after one week. It's crucial to note that these statistics solely represent iOS devices in China.

The surprising statistics are noteworthy, especially when Genshin Impact's revenue dipped after the release of Honkai: Star Rail by HoYoverse in late April 2023.

Furina Banner Sales
Baizhu and Furina banner revenue makes them the third in terms of the highest-performing banner as of now.

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Why Baizhu and Furina banner became successful

The banner's success can be attributed mainly to the inclusion of Fontaine's Hydro Archon Focalors, aka Furina.

Recent revenue data indicates that Furina has contributed to over 96% of the banner's total sales. Beyond her intricate role in the main storyline, Furina proves her prowess as an effective Hydro user on the battlefield.

As a new support in Genshin Impact, Furina adapts well to various team compositions requiring a reliable Hydro application. Her unique kit allows her to switch between Pneuma and Ousia forms. Pneuma form enables continuous support to nearby active characters even when off-field. Meanwhile, Ousia form is more offensive. It can summon elemental lifeforms to deal significant Hydro damage to nearby enemies.

For Travelers who haven't pulled for Furina yet, there's ample time to gather Primogems, as her banner is set to expire around November 28.

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