Sword Of Narzissenkreuz Genshin is a new 4-star sword in Fontaine 4.2. It's a quest reward in the Land of Hydro. Let's check out how to get this weapon as long as who is the best character to wield this sword.

I. How To Get Sword Of Narzissenkreuz

Sword Of Narzissenkreuz is the grand reward of the Narzissenkreuz Questline. You have to complete eight sub-quests of this quest chain to claim this free weapon. Let's go through the following quests:

  • Ann of the Narzissenkreuz
  • Unfinished Story
  • Ancient Colors
  • The Final Question
  • Aqueous Tidemarks
  • Unfinished Comedy
  • Initial Facts
  • In the Wake of Narcissus

After completing the final quest in this chain, you will claim a set of attractive rewards, including the Sword Of Narzissenkreuz.

Sword Of Narzissenkreuz Status
The Sword Of Narzissenkreuz is a special sword from Fontaine.

II. Sword Of Narzissenkreuz Special Stats

Unlike most of the other Fontaine weapons, the Arkhe alignment of the Sword Of Narzissenkreuz can be changed. Moreover, this Fontaine weapon has different appearances after you change its Arkhe feature. The Narzissenkreuz sword has a blue color in the Ousia phase and a gold color in the Pneuma phase.

After completing the quest chain and obtaining this sword, you can change its Arkhe phase in Annapausis - an underwater ruin in the west of the Court of Fontaine. You can find a ruined fountain on the sea bed, under the waypoint.

Sword Of Narzissenkreuz Phase
You can switch the Arkhe phase of this sword.

Approach the fountain and interact with the fountain. Then, you can select the Switch option to change the Arkhe effect. It makes this 2-in-1 sword an attractive item to obtain. Don't forget to obtain free refinement materials called Surging Sacred Chalice for this weapon by collecting Drained Conch Cups from:

  • Narzissenkreuz Ordo;
  • Bravai’s Hidden Study;
  • During the quest chain titled Wild Fairy Of Erinnyes;
  • Aqueous Tidemarks quest.

Refine it to level 5 to maximize the effects of its Hero's Blade skill.

Surging Sacred Chalice
Get the Surging Sacred Chalice refinement material for it.

III. Best Sword Of Narzissenkreuz Users

Narzissenkreuz is useful for non-Fontaine sword users when countering Fontaine enemies. These characters do not have Arkhe elements to counter bosses and opponents from the land of Hydro or solve Arkhe-related puzzles. Therefore, this flexible sword will help them infuse their normal, charged, and plunge attacks with either Ousia or Pneuma effect.

Moreover, its Hero's Blade skill allows its users to deal 160% of ATK as DMG to the opponent. This skill can be helpful for DPS and sub-DPS characters who scale with ATK%, such as:

  • DPS: Ayaka, Ayato, Alhaitham, Keqing;
  • Sub-DPS: Kaeya, Travelers, Qiqi, and Jean.
Sword Of Narzissenkreuz
Give it to Genshin sword users who scale with ATK%.

As a quest reward, the Sword of Narzissenkreuz is free for everyone. But it's also a rare weapon that you cannot forge or purchase. Upgrade it to the maximum level and give it to the best Arkhe-less sword users in your team.

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