Fontaine 4.2 has been released with many new quests. Let's check out how to solve three puzzles and reveal the Altar's Secret Genshin in the new World quest 'Wild Fairy of Erinnyes' here. It's the most challenging objective in this quest.

Reveal The Altars Secret Genshin
Learn how to reveal the altar's secret in Genshin Impact.

#1. Puzzle 1

Three Foggy Forest puzzles can be found around the altar. You can see a  purple area with two orbs and a tree branch. Follow these steps to solve this puzzle.

  1. Grab the blue orb on the top of the tallest pillar to collect the Ball Octopus ability.
  2. Approach the purple contaminated bacterial mats, hold the skill button, and aim at the enemy to defeat it, which helps remove the contamination in this area.
  3. Aim at the purple orb in the center of the contamination area to summon Dew Bubbles.
  4. Use the Ball Octopus ability to hit and push two Dew bubbles. Move and combine them to create a giant one.
    Clear The Mat
    Use the Ball Octopus skill to hit and clear the mat.
  5. The number of shining orbs on the top of these pipes tells you their orders to be hit. In the first puzzle, three pipes have the same number of shining orbs. Push the giant Dew bubble to the central point of the area surrounded by three golden Harmonius Reed Pipes and make sure every pipe lies within the radius of the shockwave.
  6. Hit the bubble with the Ball Octopus ability to release the wave and activate the shockwave. Then, you successfully solve this puzzle.

When the first puzzle is solved, the impurities in this area will disappear. Continue to clear other contaminated areas around the altar.

1st Puzzle
Push the giant Dew bubble to the central spot.

#2. Puzzle 2

The second puzzle is next to a waterfall with a small stream. The water area is contaminated by a Contaminated Bacterial Mat. You also spot a Harmonius Reed Pipe under the fall.

Pick the Xenochromatic Octopus ability to solve the second puzzle by interacting with the blue orb on the top of the pillar next to the stream. Like in the previous puzzle, you also use this ability to defeat the Contaminated Bacterial Mat, move Dew bubbles around, and sound Harmonius Reed Pipes to purify the area.

2nd Puzzle
Hit the pipe under the fall before two pipes near the pillar.

But the order of Harmonius Reed Pipes is not similar. Hit the pipe with one blue orb first. Then, move it to the middle of two pipes with 2 orbs on their tops to sound them at once.

#3. Puzzle 3

The last puzzle also revolves around Contaminated Bacterial Mats, Dew Bubbles, and Harmonius Reed Pipes. You use the same method to solve this puzzle, but three Harmonius Reed Pipes in this puzzle require to be hit in the right order:

  • Hit the pipe with one orb first;
  • Move to hit the one with two orbs
  • Finally, sound the pipe with three orbs.

After completing three Foggy Forest puzzles, you can reveal the Altar's Secret in Genshin Impact 4.2.

3rd Puzzle
Hit three pipes at different times and in the right order.

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