Happy Birthday is a simple World quest in Fontaine. You can unlock a hidden achievement in the Land of Hydro after completing this quest. Let's check out how to unlock and complete this hidden world quest.

I. How To Unlock Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is a hidden World quest in Genshin Impact 4.2. It's a part of a long World quest chain in the new part of Fontaine. You have to complete three prerequisite quests in Fontaine to unlock this quest, including:

  • In the Wake of Narcissus Act 2;
  • Through the Looking Glass;
  • Wish Fulfilling Treasure Hunt;
  • Pursuit Parts 1 and 2.

These long World Quest must be completed so that you will understand the story of the quest chain. After completing the Pursuit quest, open the clock and rotate the hour-hand two rounds, or wait 2 in-game days for this quest to appear.

Pursuit World Quest
Complete three previous quests before unlocking the Happy Birthday quest.

Open the menu and go to the clock to skip the time for faster processing. Time adjustment is a useful function. Just use it to complete long quest chains faster.

II. Happy Birthday Quest Walkthrough

After two in-game days, you can start the Happy Birthday quest. You can use the navigation function to find Earnshaw's House on the map. Go to see Earnshaw in front of his house in the Court of Fontaine Region. Talk to him to learn about the mission.

Genshin Happy Birthday Quest
Go to Earnshaw's House in the Court of Fontaine to unlock the quest.

Follow these steps to complete the Genshin Happy Birthday quest.

  • Go to find Lanoire near Mont Esus East. From the house of Earnshaw, head to the north. You can see this little girl next to a Hilichurl named Caterpillar.
  • Complete the dialogue with Caterpillar and Lanoire. When the Hilichurl vanishes, continue to talk with Lanoire.

After completing the dialogue, this quest ends. Then, the Achievement will be unlocked automatically. It's the easiest and shortest quest in this quest chain. You can click or tap on the quest objectives to navigate the location of the task for faster completion.

Genshin Happy Birthday
Talk to Caterpillar and Lanoire to complete the Happy Birthday quest.

III. Happy Birthday Quest Rewards

The Genshin Happy Birthday quest does not have any reward. But you can unlock a hidden achievement in Fontaine, titled 'The Story is Over, But...'. You have to complete the whole quest chain to get 5 Primogems of this achievement.

Moreover, completing all World Quests also contributes to the world exploration progress in Fontaine. When fulfilling the world exploration progress in this location, you will get more rewards from the Reputation system.

Happy Birthday Quest
Claim the rewards from the hidden achievement 'The Story is Over, But...' after completing this quest.

Happy Birthday is also the ending quest of a long quest chain in Fontaine. Through this quest, many stories about the Land of Hydro are unveiled. Let's start and complete this easy World quest to unlock more amusements and hidden quests in this nation.

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