Drained Conch Cup is a new refinement material in Fontaine 4.2. Check out all Drained Conch Cup Genshin locations and uses here. This material is used for the special Sword of Narzissenkreuz in the Hydro Nation.

I. Drained Conch Cup Locations

There are four Drained Conch Cups scattered in the open world of Fontaine. Let's check out the locations and methods to obtain these conch cups.

#1. Institute of Natural Philosophy

The first conch cup can be found in a secret room in the Institute of Natural Philosophy. You can find the chest containing this conch while processing the World Quest 'Aqueous Tidemarks'. Open the Precious Chest in the room with a Hydroculus to get the first conch cup. There is a Teleport Waypoint in the south of this secret room.

Institute Of Natural Philosophy
This room in the Institute Of Natural Philosophy houses the first Drained Conch Cup.

#2. Narzissenkreuz Ordo

Another conch cup is hidden inside a Precious Chest in Narzissenkreuz Ordo. You can also get the chest containing this conch cup after completing the 'Aqueous Tidemarks' world quest. The chest is placed inside the room where you find the Key to Some Place in the Institute.

Narzissenkreuz Ordo
Complete the Aqueous Tidemarks world quest to get the Conch Cup in Narzissenkreuz Ordo.

#3. Bravais' Hidden Study

The third conch cup is housed inside a Luxurious Chest in Bravais' Hidden Study. Follow these steps to get the third conch cup.

  1. Gather seven Mysterious Ores to get the Arkhium Stock.
  2. Bring it to Fontaine Research Institute and use the Forging Press to turn the stock into Arkhium Lumenite.
  3. Open the hidden room with the Arkhium Lumenite.

There is an energy wall blocking an area of the room. You can find a stone wall to climb and jump down to the location of the chest without going through the energy shield.

Bravais Hidden Study
Get into the secret room in Bravai's Hidden Study to open the chest.

#4. Wild Fairies of Erinnyes

The last conch cup can be found near Pahsiv in the secret cave in the north of Loch Urania. You have to go through and complete the quest chain 'Wild Fairies of Erinnyes' to claim the Precious Chest. Go to Marcotte Station, read the tablet to start this quest, and follow hints and navigations to complete it.

Wild Fairies Of Erinnyes
Complete the Wild Fairies Of Erinnyes quest to obtain the last conch.

II. Drained Conch Cup Uses

Drained Conch Cups can be converted into Surging Sacred Chalice which is the refinement material for the Sword of Narzissenkreuz. Here's how to exchange for the Surging Sacred Chalice:

  • Bring these conch cups to the ruined fountain in Annapausis and interact with it.
  • Go to the glowing point and interact with the fountain.
  • Select the option of 'Offer Up the Drained Conch Cup'.
Use Conch Cup
Offer up collected Conch Cups to get the refinement material.

Then, you will get the Surging Sacred Chalice refinement material for your weapon. This free 4-star sword is the grand reward from the Narzissenkreuz Questline. You can also change its Arkhe status at this ruined fountain.

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