Though Genshin Impact was not a PvP game, it's still very addictive with tons of difficult missions and achievements. You may waste a month to complete only one achievement for a few rewards. Here are the most challenging achievements in this game.

I. Genshin Impact Achievement Details

Genshin Impact has an achievement system. When players meet the requirement of the achievement, they can receive some rewards. Many achievements are very easy. However, some achievements are very difficult.

These challenging achievements make many players upset and annoyed. Go to the Achievements section in Paimon's Menu to check the requirements/tasks.

Check The Achievement
Check the achievement in Genshin Impact.

II. Top 8 Challenging Achievements

Let's check out the most difficult achievements in Genshin Impact. Sometimes, you need luck rather than tips and tactics to complete the task.

#1. Not Just A Small Bench

It's a difficult achievement for Serenitea Pot. To gain this achievement, Genshin Impact players have to create up to 600 furnishing items. It's more difficult for players who do not spend much time in their teapots.

To create such a large number of furnishing items, you need tons of materials in the wild. You have to teleport to Teyvat, go to cut trees, farm metals, pick vegetables to make dyer, etc. In addition, players have to wait for the crafting process to complete and for materials to respawn.

Create 600 Furnishing Items
Create 600 furnishing items.

#2. Thank You, Come Again

"Thank you, come again" is as random as the Gacha mechanism of the game. The NPC Takashi in Inazuma gives you three chests and you have to select one of them. If you are lucky, you can get a decent Hamayumi Bow for Ganyu and Yoimiya.

Only by obtaining that grand prize can you win this achievement. A lot of players waste months to win this challenging mission because they have only 33.3% to win and one chance per day.

Thank You Come Again
Choose the right chest.

#3. ... Well, That Was Strange

One of the most annoying and challenging achievements in this game is "...Well, that was strange". It requires your patience. You need to find and defeat two Unusual Hilichurls once, 20 times, and 50 times.

Defeating these Hilichurls is not as annoying and challenging as seeking them. They spawn randomly in 14 different locations Mondstadt and Liyue every 12 hours. Players have to check every location to find them twice a day.

Defeat Unusual Hilichurl
Defeat unusual Hilichurls.

#4. Der Freitschutz

Der Freitschutz is nearly an impossible mission for beginners and noobs. Even pro-archers may get annoyed when they have to hit the weak points of enemies from a far distance with an aimed shot.

But no one knows how far the accepted distance for the achievement is until they obtain it. You need great luck to get it. Moreover, players must have great aiming skills. If you are not good at wielding the bow, take your time to practice.

Der Freitschutz
Der Freitschutz is difficult to win.

#5. Towering Achievement

It's extremely challenging to reach the Dragonspine summit. It's also a mission that you have to complete during the quest chain in this region. Players have to solve a lot of difficult puzzles along the path to the peak of Dragonspine.

You will get a lot of valuable rewards after reaching the summit of Dragonspine, such as Primogems, rare materials, and a breathtaking view of this stunning region.

Reach Dragonspine Summit
Reach the Dragonspine summit.

#6. Abyssal Crusader

Completing Spiral Abyss with full stars is one of the most challenging achievements in Genshin Impact. It's not only for tons of Primogems but also the gratifying feeling after defeating the most dangerous bosses in the game.

This mission takes a lot of time. You also have to invest a lot in your characters and teams to clear each chamber and floor in a limited time. If you haven't got all stars for all floors, keep improving your skills. You can get the Abyssal Crusader achievement one day if you try hard enough.

Abyssal Crusader
Achieve Abyssal Crusader.

#7. Mountain of Treasure

Opening 160 treasure chests in Dragonspine is another difficult mission. Dragonspine is the harshest region to explore in Teyvat. The temperature is low and the area is crowded with dangerous enemies.

It's not extremely hard to solve puzzles to clear enemies to unlock 160 treasure chests. But the Sheer Cold mechanic makes the exploration more deadly and expensive to players.

Open 100 Treasure Chests
Open 100 treasure chests in Dragonspine.

#8. Ding Ding Ding!

Fishing is an interesting experience. But sometimes, it's really annoying and challenging, especially when you have to catch rare fish. You need to catch fish successfully 100 times. It's not a problem for players who had gone fishing to redeem The Catch for Raiden Shogun and Xiangling.

But this achievement is still hard for those who do not have much time in the game. Moreover, fish need some real-time days to respawn. You have to visit many fishing locations to catch enough 100 fish for this achievement.

Catch 100 Fish Successfully
Catch 100 fish successfully.

III. Genshin Achievement Rewards

After achieving the task, you can go to Paimon's menu and check completed achievements. Then, claim rewards. Genshin Impact players often get 5 - 10 Primogems for normal achievements. Hidden and difficult achievements often give you 20 Primogems. It's a great source of Primogems to roll the character's banner.

These challenging achievements may take you weeks to months to complete. But completing achievements is an interesting activity to do in the game after you run out of resin.

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