The Catch is the best free weapon for Raiden Shogun. You can catch enough required fish to exchange for it with Kujirai Momiji at the Inazuma Fishing Association. Here are all locations, spawn time, and baits to catch the required fish.

#1. Raimei Angelfish

You need eight Raimei Angelfish for the Catch and twelve Angelfish for its Ako's Sake Vessels. This fish type is very rare. You can only find it in the fishing spot near shipwrecked boats to the east of Tatarasuna island.

  • Recommended time: 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Bait: False Worm.

There are many dangerous enemies around this fishing spot. You need to defeat them before fishing. You need to come back to this location every 48 hours to catch enough fish for The Catch polearm and its Refinement material.

The only location of Raimei Angelfish in Genshin Impact.

#2. Golden Koi

Golden Koi spawns in many places all over Teyvat. It's not the local fish like Raimei Angelfish. There are five locations of Golden Koi in three nations, one spot on Mondstadt, three places in Liyue, and a spot in Inazuma.

  • The river in Stormbearer Mountains;
  • Three spots in Liyue, including Luhua Pool, east of Guili Plains, and northeast of Wangshu Inn.
  • The Statue of Seven in Koseki Village on Seirai Island.

You need 20 Golden Koi to exchange for the Catch. You can visit these fishing spots any time to catch the Golden Koi. This fish type is attracted by the Fake Fly Bait.

Genshin Impact Golden Koi Rusty Koi
Five locations of Golden Koi in Teyvat.

#3. Rusty Koi

Rusty Koi is a fish in the same family as the Golden Koi. You also need 20 Rusty Koi to get The Catch from Kujirai Momiji. You can find them in five places. This fish spawns in the same locations as Golden Koi in Liyue and Inazuma. Another fishing spot of Rusty Koi in Mondstadt is in the east of Cider Lake.

Rusty Koi also eats Fake Fly Bait and spawns any time in these locations. But you also need to go fishing many times until you catch enough fish for this weapon.

Rusty Koi
Rusty Koi and Golden Koi spawn together.

#4. Pufferfish

Apart from the Catch, Genshin Impact players also get its refinement material - Ako's Sake Vessel from Kujirai Momiji by exchanging fish. You need 40 Pufferfish and 40 Bitter Pufferfish to exchange for this material.

Pufferfish are more popular and easy to catch. You can find them in many fishing spots all over Teyvat, including:

  • Southern Cider Lake in Mondstadt;
  • Dawn Winery in Mondstadt;
  • Ritou port in Inazuma.
Pufferfish Locations
All Pufferfish locations in Teyvat.

They spawn with many other fish types in these spots. If you want to find unique locations of Pufferfish, go to fishing spots in:

  • The East of Liyue Harbor;
  • East of Koseki Village on Seirai Island.

Bitter Pufferfish also spawns with normal Pufferfish in Cider Lake, Dawn Winery, and Ritou port. Besides, you can find them uniquely in Qingce Village and Nazuchi Beach. All Pufferfish are attracted by Fake Fly Bait. Though they appear any time of the day, you also need to go on some fishing trips to catch enough 80 Pufferfish of all lines.

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