Arlecchino & Dottore are two famous Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. A lot of fans hope they will become playable characters in the future. But a recent leak revealed that they could be NPC only.

Arlecchino & Dottore May Be Non-Playable

Contrary to the expectation of many players, the two popular Fatui Harbingers Arlecchino and Dottore will not become playable units. In a recent leak, they are called "Lunatic" and "Traitor". The leaker said Hoyoverse was designing these two characters as NPCs.

Arlecchino Dottore
Arlecchino and Dottore seem to be non-playable units. 

Dottore, also known as The Doctor, has appeared many times in the Archon Quest of Nahida. He appears as the main antagonist who confronts The Traveler and the Dendro Archon. This design is not suitable for a playable character.

Genshin Impact introduced La Signora, another popular Harbinger in Fatui, as the rival of Raiden Shogun. Then, the Electro Archon defeated La Signora. Then, this antagonist became a boss in Inazuma.

Dottore Appeared As An Antagonist
Dottore appeared as an antagonist.

Arlecchino has not appeared in any in-game quests or events. She may play a major role in the upcoming story of Fontaine - the Hydro nation. The leak that Dottore and Arlecchino may not be playable units makes many players and fans of this game blue. But they are not shocked because La Signora was an example.

La Signora also appeared very early in the story of the game before she became a permanent boss. At that time, a lot of players also wished that this beautiful Harbinger would be playable. But Raiden Shogun murdered this antagonist in the Inazuma region's archon quest.

Their Designs Are Not For Playable Units
Their designs are not suitable for playable units.

Along with this leak, there are many leaks about the upcoming nation Fontaine. The Hydro Archon could be the upcoming character in the near future.

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