Genshin Impact Travelers will meet many small animals around Teyvat, such as dogs, cats, foxes, birds, etc. You can interact with and feed dogs, cats, and foxes in the game. It helps you complete hidden quests and achievements and makes the game more interesting.

How To Feed Animals In Teyvat

Animals spawn everywhere in Genshin Impact. You can feed these adorable animals in many designated locations all around Teyvat. It's an interesting way to interact with these friends.

Here's how to feed them when you meet a lovely dog, cat, or fox hanging around an empty bowl and waiting for food.

  • Approach the bowl in the designated location.
  • Click or tap on the 'Feed' option appearing on the screen.
  • When the menu pops up on the screen, pick up vegetables, mushrooms, or meat you want to feed them.
  • Tap on the 'Submit' button on the bottom to give the animal the food.

There are three designated places where you can feed animals in Genshin Impact now. Some animal-feeding missions are one-time tasks that disappear after you complete them.

Feed The Dog
Feed the dog in Inazuma City with a fowl.

1. Dogs in Liyue & Inazuma

You will see a friendly dog with brown fur. The empty bowl is right under the lantern. Therefore, it's easy to spot the bowl at night. Give the dog a fowl, and it will eat the food you gave. This is an exciting in-game activity for players who love raising and feeding puppies.

Besides, you will get a hidden puppy-feeding quest when doing The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia archon quest in Inazuma. The quest location is behind the Jewelry Shop in Inazuma City. Travelers need to give the dog a fowl to make the task done.

Feed The Dog In Liyue
Get close to the empty bowl and feed the dog in Liyue with a fowl.

2. Wild Foxes in Dragonspine

In the mission 'Lost in the Snow World', you will see many icy foxes all the way in Dragonspine. Travelers have to feed these foxes with berries. Keep giving them food every day for 5 - 6 days until it's completed. Then, players will receive a crate of Crimson Agate. Foxes and empty bowls also disappear after you complete the quest.

Feed Wild Foxes
Feed wild foxes in Dragonspine for 5-6 consecutive days.

3. Cats in Inazuma

Cats in Asase Shrine on Seirai Island are also waiting for food. Travelers need to complete the world quest 'Neko Is a Cat' to get the Invigorating Kitty Meal recipe. Then, cook this special dish and feed these lovely cats.

In addition, the cat feeding location on Fort Hiraumi has a hungry cat. You can find a paw shape formed by a boulder and four smaller rocks. The cat is sitting on one of these rocks waiting for food. You should visit this place and feed the cat every day for four days to get a precious chest and some Primogems from the hidden achievement 'A Cat’s Gift'.

Feed Adorable Cats In Asase Shrine
Feed adorable cats in Asase Shrine in Inazuma.

Many players feel relaxed when they feed dogs, cats, and animals in the game. Animal lovers may love these activities.

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