The Fungus Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact 3.5 has new gameplay. You need the best tips and teams to win Fungus Mechanicus. Let's learn how to build the best teams to win the Days 1 to 4 challenges of this event.

#1. Flame of Samadhi

After completing the Ordered Trial challenge to learn the basic rules of the game, you can unlock the Frame of Samadhi. In this challenge of Day 1, players will counter three Mechanici, including Wicked Waves, Cleansing Flames, and Flame of Pancha in two waves.

Therefore, you should use the following fungi to counter.

  • Twirly-Whirly for Swirl reaction;
  • Rocksteady for shield and DEF;
  • Bongo-Head for healing effects;
  • Duelblaze or Blitzara for DMG and elemental reactions.

You should always bring a Rocksteady and a Bongo-Head to keep the whole team safe. Flame of Pancha is the most dangerous Mechanicus in this event. Therefore, you should have a healer to keep all fungi alive, especially DMG dealers.

Flame Of Samadhi
Flame of Samadhi is not a hardcore challenge.

#2. Icy Clarity

The Icy Clarity challenge on Day 2 of the event has more types of Mechanici, including Wicked Waves, Frostcaller, Sharkwinter, and Flame of Pancha.

  • Rocksteady and Bongo-Head are must-have fungi.
  • Kindlejoy is the Pyro DPS to destroy Cryo Mechanici.
  • Dueblaze or Blitzara for Pyro resonance or Overload reaction.

As Sharkwinter and Flame of Pancha are two dangerous Mechanici. Therefore, you must have a shielder and a healer on your team.

Icy Clarity
You must have Pyro fungi to counter Cryo Mechanici.

#3. Waterbag Barrier

The third difficult Fungus Mechanicus challenge is Waterbag Barrier. It features Thunderflash, Wicked Waves, Water Mirror, and Flame of Pancha. These four types of Mechanici can trigger many elemental reactions. Therefore, you need to use the following fungi.

  • Gusto-Frosto
  • Magishroom
  • Duelblaze
  • Twirly-Whirly or Rocksteady

This fungus team can trigger two powerful elemental reactions, including Melt and Burning. Magishroom and Gusto-Frosto help remove the annoying shields Hydro Mechanicus creates. Moreover, Magishroom will replace Bongo-Head to heal the team.

Deal Aoe Attacks
Choose positions for fungi to deal AoE attacks

#4. Thundering Devices

Thundering Devices is the fourth combat challenge in Fungus Mechanicus 3.5. It's more difficult and complicated than previous challenges. There are five types of devices, including a permanent device, two normal Mechanici, and two advanced Mechanici.

  • Normal Mechanici: Thunderflash and Windblade.
  • Advanced Mechanici: Thundering March and Water Mirror.
  • Permanent Device: Mystic Blaze.

Therefore, you should have two healers in this team to continuously restore HP for the whole team. Here are all recommended fungi for the team to counter these devices.

  • Magishroom and Bongo-Head are healers.
  • The Electro fungus Stormsage is the main DPS. It triggers Hyperbloom and Quicken/Spread elemental reactions.
  • Select either Twirly-Whirly or Rocksteady for the last slot for Swirl or shield.
Thundering Devices
Be careful with the permanent device in Thundering Devices.

One in a Thousand, Storm-Proof... Not, and Caution, Madness Ahead are three upcoming challenges in the event. Check the stage information before selecting useful fungi to counter elemental Mechanici effectively. It's one of the best tips for Fungus Mechanicus 3.5.

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