The new Genshin Impact Fungus Mechanicus mini-game started yesterday. This event requires you to perform your tactical thinking and master the mechanism of elemental reactions. Here are the best tips and tactics to win this event.

#1. Check The Stage Info

The game allowers players to select fungi before entering the match. You ought to check the information about the stage, such as the recommended element of your fungi. Then, choose the proper fungi to counter these machines effectively.

Powerful reaction teams, such as Electro-Charged, Overloaded, Melt, Vaporized, Hyperbloom, and others are highly recommended. Therefore, you should build a party of four fungi with 3 - 4 different elements. The more reactions you can trigger, the higher damage you can produce.

Genshin Impact Fungus Mechanicus Stage Information
Don't ignore the element recommendation for each stage.

#2. Obtain Plauditory Protections

Stop combating when the glowing leaf-shaped Plauditory Protection spawns on the battleground and head to take it. As the Marvelous Jelly takes a long time to restore, you should find other supports. Obtaining those Plauditory Protections helps restore jellies faster.

It's crucial to reactivate fungi's skills. The output damage is also increased massively when you use special skills. Get the item to activate skills frequently.

Get Fungus Mechanicus
Get the given Plauditory Protections to reactivate skills.

#3. Deploy AoE Skills

As the combat time is limited, you had better use AoE skills frequently to destroy more machines at once. When targeted Mechanicus spawn in a certain place, you should trigger a powerful AoE reaction. It helps you save energy and skills.

Elemental reactions often produce higher damage. Make use of Mechanicus's elements to trigger those reactions. For example, an elemental AoE attack of a Hydro fungus can react with Pyro, Electro, and Cryo targets simultaneously.

Triggers More Reactions
Triggers more elemental reactions to deal AoE DMG.

#4. Focus On One Target

When three Mechanicus spawn separately, focus all your fungi on one target. Your team will take less damage from all machines. In addition, you can direct your fungi to dodge elemental balls from Mechanici and attack them from different directions.

When you need to heal your fungi, get out of the firing line of the Mechanici. Then, direct your fungi to move around, approach, and destroy targets safely. Keep an eye on the HP bar of your fungi to keep them alive.

Focus On One Target
Focus on one target when necessary.

#5. Heal Your Team

It's important to heal your fungi before they die. You cannot revive your fungi after they are defeated. Therefore, pro players always bring a Bongo-Head to the battleground. If the DPS fungus falls down, your team will have difficulty in combat.

Bongo-Head has an excellent healing effect. Therefore, keep it out of Mechanici's firing range. Then, use this healing fungus to save low-HP allies when necessary. Besides, you can use Rocksteady's shield to stay safe when attacking dangerous machines like Flame of Pancha.

Heal The Team On Time
Heal the team on time.

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