A Genshin Impact leaker has disclosed some details and two drafts for the incoming skins for Klee and Kaeya as well as new information regarding update 3.8. After a slew of skins for characters like Lisa, Ayaka, Fischl, let's see what the creators may give us this time.

Klee and Kaeya new skins

Klee's skin will resemble the outfit of a witch which kind of makes sense as her mother, Alice, is part of the Hexenzirkel. Meanwhile, Kaeya is becoming the second among the four first characters to have a new outfit inspired by Khaenri'ah. You can expect version 3.8 to arrive this summer.

Klee Skin Leak
The rumord new skin for Klee.
Kaeya Skin Leak
A new skin for Kaeya inspired by Khaenri'ah.

Meanwhile, this version is also expected to have an island-themed event like the previous adventures to the Golden Apple Archipelago with Klee being the main character. The leaker also reveals that there will be 3 other characters who join this event: Eula, Amber, and Kaeya.

Previous Golden Apple Archipelago events all provided new skins for related characters whose stories are revealed in the events.

Genshin 3 8 Leak
Leaks regarding update 3.8 has garnered attention all over Twittersphere.

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New Inazuman character

On another hand, leakers also disclosed that Genshin Impact 3.8 will introduce a new 4-star character from Inazuma. Some information regarding this character as of late includes:

  • A female character
  • Her rarity is 4 stars
  • She comes from Inazuma
  • Purple hair in a high ponytail
  • Red flower bobby pin
  • Possibly a good support for Dendro reactions
Inazuma Genshin New Character
A leak has spilled the beans about a new Inazuman character and fans have created some sketched.

Fans have sketched some art regarding these details. And considering that not many leakers have confirmed this, some still do not have little belief in this speculation. However, we are only in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.5.

There will be a lot more updates to catch up with in the near future. Therefor, make sure you stay tuned with Gurugamer.com!

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