PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar map has just been released by Tencent – this 0.18.0 patch is probably one of the biggest updates ever for the game, featuring big changes to the biggest map in PUBG Mobile, Miramar. In this article, we are going to get through all the minor and major additional details and features that were added to the map and how to take advantage of them to get a chicken dinner victory.

new locations in mad miramar map
New Locations in Mad Miramar Map: The sandy hills of Miramar is actually fun now

1 – PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map: Oasis in Miramar & major changes

New 'Sandstorm' weather effect:

Miramar is pretty much the least popular map in PUBG Mobile. The sandy island is huge, sometimes you would not be able to find another player after more than one circle. Combat is somewhat too straightforward, as there aren’t as many covers as Erangel – to solve this problem, the new update has added sandstorms into the map.

This weather effect can occur randomly at any part of the island and would cover a pretty large area. Due to the limited vision, there are a lot of ways to take advantage of the sandstorm. You can either use it as a cover to move from one area to another without getting sniped or waiting around in ambush waiting for enemies to come out of the sandstorm. Overall, this would add a new tactical layer to positioning, as a sandstorm might obstruct your route to an objective - navigating through it would be pretty chaotic. It is best to rely on your mini-map for directing while moving.

New 'Ruins' location:

Next up, let's talk about the new Ruins location that was added onto the northwestern side of the map. It is an ancient structure from a long lost civilization that was once ruled the land. Now? It is just another loot spot. Due to the area being relatively remote, it is likely that you would land here, loot, and get away as fast as possible.

mad miramar map pubg mobile guide
Mad Miramar Map PUBG Mobile Guide: The Ruins is built on the elevated ground - very easy to defend if you get there first

A fight in these ruins would be tricky due to the maze-like design, however, if you managed to get inside before your enemy, just camp at the stair, as they have to get past it to get inside.

pubg mobile mad miramar map guide
PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map Guide: This is one of the more creative locations that were added into the game as of late

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New Racetracks added throughout the map:

A number of man-made tracks that can be used to perform dangerous tricks and jumps with a vehicle have been added throughout Miramar. From a gameplay perspective, this is completely pointless, but if you want to have fun, this might just be your type.

mad miramar map new locations
Mad Miramar Map New Locations: You can drive around the map while performing stunts now

New 'Oasis in Miramar':

Oasis in Miramar
The Oasis in Miramar is a decent place to land and loot - you should not stay there for too long, however.

The last location to be added into the game is the Oasis in Miramar, on the northernmost part of the map. The place consists of an inland shallow lake, a dock-like structure, and a few buildings scatter around. Overall, the Oasis Miramar is more style than substance – it can serve as a remote landing spot so that you can avoid all the hot zones, loot a little then make your way further inland. Due to the relatively small number of buildings, the quantity of loot that can be found in this spot is rather low.

Alongside these big map changes, they have added a few more buildings, roads, and resources spawn points here and there, including the new Vending machines. If a player is lucky, he can get up to 8 drinks in one try. The event also comes with a new lobby filled with sandstorms and new Miramar achievements that can be unlocked by completing various objectives on the map. A single golden Mirado would be added to the spawn list.

where is oasis in miramar
Mad Miramar map PUBG Mobile: The car is super flashy

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2 – PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map: Other changes

A new attachment has been added into the spawn list – the Canted Sight. This item can be equipped along with other types of scopes and act as a close-range tool. Canted Sight can be equipped on most weapons, from assault, sniper, SMG, LMG to shotguns. Overall, this is a decent tech option for close-quarter fights if you don’t want to use red dot.

pubg mobile mad miramar map guide
PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map Guide: The canted sight would cover something other sights are not able to do yet

New Results Screen: A new results screen has been introduced with a new "Detailed Results" screen. On this screen, players can view the detailed data of each weapon they used in the game. They can check match statistics and compare their stats with others in the same tier.

mad miramar map new locations
Mad Miramar Map New Locations: Players can now get even more information after the game end - and compare the results with the general level of the tier

The Winchester is now automatically spawned with a 2.7x scope. It is no longer a useless weapon and can actually be used in some limited scenarios... until you can get your hand on something better.

pubg mobile mad miramar map
PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar Map: The 2.7x scope is still pretty bad - but it is better than nothing

A new map called Cheer Park is added so that people could hang around. 20 players can fit into the room and it also has the basic training ground features. Overall, this is more or less a chatroom feature so that friends could screw around together.

mad miramar map pubg mobile
Mad Miramar Map PUBG Mobile: The new location is for friends to screw around - it is also an alternate for the training ground

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