PUBG Mobile has taken a lot of actions to protect players’ experience from cheaters. It would be very annoying and unfair when you die soon and lose the points due to cheaters. When you are working very hard to rank up but then you are killed by a cheater and lose your rank points, it will drive you crazy. To save these hard-to-collect rank points for true players, PUBG Mobile is launching a new anti-cheat mechanism. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile To Introduce Rank Points Protection Against Cheater Kills

To protect the rank points of players lost due to cheater kills, PUBG Mobile will release a new anti-cheat mode. It will come in the upcoming Update patch 0.18.0. Thanks to this new mode, players will not lose their match points if they are killed by cheaters and hackers.

Free Fire Introduces New Anti Cheat System
Free Fire Introduces New Anti Cheat System To Protect Players' Rank Point Lost By Cheaters

If you suspect someone to be a cheater, you need to report him. And the rank points are only returned to you when the cheat detection software of PUBG Mobile finds and bans that cheater. Then, the system will send you a notification and you will get back the same points you lose before due to that cheater. For example, if you die soon due to a cheater and lose 20 rank points from your total points, you can get back 20 points when that cheater is detected then.

Pubg Mobile Cheater
PUBG Mobile Cheaters Are Destroying The Game

A lot of players are annoyed by cheaters when they lose a lot of points due to cheater kills. So, PUBG Mobile players greatly welcome and anticipate this anti-cheat mode. When it’s hard to remove all the cheaters from the game, it would be nice when players can get back the rank points they lose due to unfair players. Cheaters and hackers are destroying the game and players’ experience. But PUBG Mobile developers are working hard to protect true players in this game.

Pubg Devs Work Hard To Protect True Players
PUBG Mobile Devs Are Working Hard To Protect True Players From Cheaters