PUBG Mobile gifts players many cool titles to show off, such as Well-Liked, #1/100, and Overachiever, etc. It would be great to bring these titles into the lobby and spawning islands. Here’s a guide on how to get the title of Overachiever in PUBG Mobile that you may need.

How To Get Overachiever Title In PUBG Mobile

To get the title of Overachiever, you need to collect 2800 achievement points in PUBG Mobile. Players have to complete assigned missions to collect these points. To access the mission list, you go to the Mission tab at the bottom bar of the screen. Then, you tap on the section of Achievement. Here, you will see your current achievement points.

How To Get Overachiever In Pubg Mobile
Overachiever Title In PUBG Mobile

Besides, there is a bar of achievement progress that shows how many missions you have completed so far. It’s divided into many small groups of missions, including Glorious moments, Matches, Honor, Progress, Items, Social, and General. In each group, there is a list of missions you need to complete.

The Title Displayed
The Title Will Be Displayed In Your Name Label

For example, in Matches, there are some missions such as Shotgun Mastery, Veteran, Patient Zero, etc. Below the title of the mission, you also see the description. For example, the mission of Sniper Mastery IV requires players to kill 300 enemies with sniper rifle guns.

Achievement Points
Reach 2800 Achievement Points To Get The Title

Moreover, when you complete a mission, you not only get achievement points but also attractive rewards. Mission rewards include gold coins, silver fragments, many crate coupons, and even rare outfit sets. For example, players will get 5 premium crate coupons after completing the SMG Mastery V mission.

Achievement Missions
You Need To Complete Achievement Missions To Collect Points

When you complete a mission on the list, the system will send you a notification. Choose Go To option to reach the mission list and collect your rewards. Keep track of the mission list and the achievement points to know your progress. Complete in-game missions to get the title of Overachievement quickly.