PMIS 2020 is one of the biggest middle-tier PUBG Mobile tournament that’s going to be held in India this year, regardless of the pandemic. While it is not nearly as big as last year, the prize pool is still a respectable INR 5,000,000. It is open to all players who surpassed the requirements – aspiring people who wish to become a pro player should register their squad immediately.

pmis 2020 registration
PMIS 2020 Registration would begin tomorrow - there is nothing on the page yet

1 – PMIS 2020 registration criteria:

Players must be 16 years old or more. All members in the roster must be level 20 or above, with at least Platinum V in ranked matchmaking at the time of PMIS registration.

2 – PMIS 2020 registration: Step by Steps guide:

Firstly, you would need to go to the official website of PUBG Mobile India. Find the “Registration” tab for the tournament and click on the “Register Now” button to get redirected to the registration page.

pubg mobile india series registration
The tab would look like this

The second step is to fill in the forms with all the details about your team, including Name, Owner’s name (or name of the captain), Logo, Contact Details (Email Address, Phone Number, and Address). Afterward, click next and fill in the details for individual members of the team. When you are done, tap the Submit button to complete the process of PMIS 2020 registration.

You can modify your form whenever you want during the PUBG Mobile India Series registration period. A link would be sent to your email – you can use it to make changes if needed. If there are technical issues related to the registering process, you can contact PUBG Mobile India Support directly.

It is not yet clear if PMIS 2020 would be a LAN or online event. It all depends on the development of the pandemic in India. However, with them canceling all LAN tournaments in other countries, the results for this one is more or less decided.

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