While there are definitely enough players in PUBG Mobile to get matches relatively quick, bots are still needed for various reasons – and from the look of it, they are never going to go away anytime soon. In this guide, we would list out some of the most recognizable quality that a bot has, in order to help players answer the question: How to find bots in PUBG Mobile?

1 – How to find bots in PUBG Mobile: Why does PUBG Mobile need to have bots?

PUBG Mobile is pretty much one of the most ambitious games ever created in mobile gaming. The thing is pretty much a combination of elements people thought would never fit on a handheld device: massive online battle with 99 other players (requires good connection and hardware), first/third-person shooter (shooters on mobile without a keyboard is rather clunky), and a large player base in order to find games.

how to identify bots in pubg mobile
How to identify bots in PUBG Mobile: They never get into covers

Since its release, a lot of questions have been asked about PUBG Mobile and the existence of bots in the game. While the obvious feature of a bot is to make up for the last few players needed to begin a 100 players match, it is actually not that simple.

Firstly, in order to ensure the best gameplay experience for all players, PUBG Mobile needs to ensure that all 100 of them being equal at everything, from skill to internet speed. However, you can hardly get enough players for a game when more and more filter layers are applied. Hence, the addition of bots.

how to attract bots in pubg mobile
How to attract bots in PUBG Mobile: they often circle near buildings with players inside - an easy pickup if you have an accurate gun

There aren’t many low skill/ new players, and if PUBG Mobile forced 100 players matches, the time to find a match would be lengthened. If those newer players get matched higher, into the matchmaking pool of experienced people, they would definitely get a bad time. Because of these two problems and the fact that PUBG Mobile wants to give new players an “easy”, warm welcome, bots are very prevalent at the low tier of the game.

The connection problem is pretty much the same. Players in farther regions are likely to be matched together to prevent anyone to get an unfair advantage. Bots would be filled in if the need arises.

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2 – How to find bots in PUBG Mobile: Ways to identify bots at first glance

While fighting normal, real players are much more exciting, due to the challenges that they pose, going against a bot occasionally is not a bad thing - they are a nice source of easy kills points. Below are some of the easiest methods to figure out bots in PUBG Mobile.

how to identify a bot in pubg mobile
How to identify a bot in PUBG Mobile: They have a lot of great items in their crate after dead
  • Bots usually behave in a very predictable pattern – with PUBG Mobile being such a chaotic fighting game, they would stick out like a sore thumb. A bot will often more around the map in a very composed and calm manner – on a predetermined patch across the battlefield. They would never go out of their way to flank a spotted player.
  • Bots would ignore the risk of running in large open areas – they often ignore covers and danger spots in general. In the lower tiers, you can even see them running toward buildings without carrying a weapon even. Even when you are shooting at them, those guys would hardly do anything different.
how to spot a bot in pubg mobile
How to spot a bot in PUBG Mobile: They will not loot anything anywhere - they are spawned with items
  • In the higher tiers, bots would usually avoid entering buildings to get loot. Overall, this is somewhat a designed behavior so that they would not interfering with the usual players’ gameplay too much. They would not land on the top of a building either – these guys would just circle around the house or stay camped at one spot out in the open.

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3 – How to find bots in PUBG Mobile: How to eliminate bots

  • A bot would only circle houses in which there is a player hiding. Both sides can use the bot to their advantage – the defending player would use them as bait while the attacking one would figure out the location of the other party.
  • Bots usually ignore covers and act like daredevils, rushing with their guns high in the air. Even if you attack them, they would not go for cover to protect themselves.
  • They will never loot dead players or crates – it is not sure if they even need to loot in the first place, as those guys can spawn with weapons equipped. Real players will still get shot at, however.
how to recognize bots in pubg mobile
How to recognize bots in PUBG Mobile: Bots never moves when shooting
  • Bots often come out from nowhere in a match – it is likely that they are getting spawned on random spots on the map. These spawns are often in the near vicinity of a player – you will never be able to spot a bot at a long-range.
  • If you do a surprise attack on a bot, unlike a real player, it would immediately know the angle from which your attacks are coming in and start to retaliate immediately. It is important to finish the guy in one burst.
how to identify bots in pubg mobile
How to identify bots in PUBG Mobile: They usually come from nowhere
  • The bot would not try to kill you at first glance – depends on the gun he’s using. However, if it is some high damage gun like a DMR, the situation can be pretty dangerous. All bots have extreme accuracy – and the only thing that saves you from getting killed immediately is that they deliberately miss a few shots. When they are holding those high damage DMR guns, one hit would floor you easily.
  • Crates from dead bots often contains pretty interesting loot items – they are usually spawned randomly with them.

4 - How to find bots in PUBG Mobile: Final Verdict

Overall, bots are an extremely useful feature of PUBG Mobile and are likely to stay indefinitely. It is best that you learn to take advantage of them whenever possible.

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