In the latest 7.1 Update of PUBG, the developers of PUBG Corp. have decreased bot population in this game. It’s an action to respond to the negative sentiment from the community about the recent super high number of bots. Check out this news here with

PUBG Corp. Cut Down Bot Population

Recently, PUBG increased the number of bots in console and Stadia platforms to make the game easier for beginners. However, it drove the players crazy when they met too many bots instead of real players. They said it destroyed their experience in this shooting game.

To respond to that backlash of fans, PUBG Corp. decreased the number of bots in the latest update 7.1. The update has come on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020. The devs of PUBG Corp. has announced in a post on Reddit that they declined the bot population for the top 75% of PUBG players. The rest 25% of players who are beginners in this game still experience a high bot population to make them enjoy the game. If these lower-skilled players are matched with pro players, they cannot experience much.

Pubg Devs Reduced The Number Of Bots
PUBG Devs Reduced The Number Of Bots

This action of PUBG Corp. proved that the devs are listening to fans’ feedback seriously. The game publisher is trying their best and investing a lot to make the game most enjoyable for players. The devs are getting feedbacks from players and improving the game every day. They are attempting to bring PUBG to the crown position in the battle royale game genre as it was three years ago.

Pubg Players Hate To See Bots In The Game
PUBG Players Hate To See Bots In The Game

However, many players commented on Reddit that they wanted PUBG devs to remove bots completely. They also noted that they see no real change. But keep in mind that the number of bots only declines during peak hours when the number of real players is high.