PUBG Mobile is the favorite battle royale of many people because of the realistic element of the game. It makes you feel like you are actually on an abandoned island, fighting for your life. It also makes mysteries in the game more intriguing since we don't know if they were made intentionally by the dev or they are just funny accidents that are created naturally such as when the airdrop falls into the arms of this dinosaur below.

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The airdrop managed to fall right into the arms of the dinosaur

Recently, a Chinese player has found out a new mystery in PUBG Mobile while hiding in a small compound. He was chilling in the building waiting for the next circle but somehow still felt like that someone was looking at him from above. When he looked up he has found out about something that no player has noticed before, a creepy face on the ceiling of the building.

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What kind of face do you see on the ceiling?

When he shared it to other players, each person had a different opinion of their own. Personally, I think it looks like the face of a monkey.

Here is the highlighted version that I made in case you don't see it

Another person also just recently found out a face on a rock cliff near the sea on Erangel. The face on the cliff looks just like the face of statues on Easter Island.


If you haven't figured it out the face on the cliff yet then look at the picture below as I highlighted it for you.



It's really fun to find these trivia things once in a while in PUBG Mobile rather than just shooting and killing other players.

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