Yesterday, a PUBG Mobile player has posted a video of him and his teammates using drones to fly their car. The Drone is an exclusive feature in the Cold Front Survival mode of PUBG Mobile. Players can use it to fly around and scout the area around them. However, using them to fly a car is actually a brilliant idea that hardly anyone can think of.

In order to lift their car up, they use 3 Drones to fly inside their car and then fly up. It works like a charm although the car is a little unstable. While this seems like some kinds of bugs or glitches, it actually makes sense if you think about how physics in PUBG Mobile works.

This is a really cool and unexpected use of the Drone in the Cold Front Survival mode but some players afraid that PUBG Mobile might fix it once they found out. Actually, PUBG Mobile has already noticed this and they even made an animated video to promote it to everyone. You can check out the video below.

While flying cars sound really OP in PUBG Mobile, it is actually really hard to do anything useful with this trick in an actual game. Also, finding 3-4 Drones in this mode is hard enough already. However, it is still a really fun experience to create your flying car. You can check out our article Top 5 Places To Find Drone In PUBG Mobile to see the best places to find Drones if you are planning to make a car flying with your friends.

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