PUBG’s developers for both the PC and Mobile versions are constantly pushing out new content updates in order to keep the player base’s attention. However, major map and content changes are more often than not spearheaded by the PUBG PC team, with mobile ports occurring quite a while afterward. According to a previous announcement, the upcoming patch, 0.18.0, is almost out – with developers currently working on the beta version of Miramar 2.0.

However, based on another leak, there is a huge possibility that the Karakin map would be introduced into PUBG Mobile in the next update. Rolex, a rather well known PUBG Mobile leaker and streamer, has revealed a hint about the upcoming PUBG Mobile update in morse code format. His chat was eventually able to crack the code and figure out that the line means “new maps”. He later mentioned the Karakin map in PUBG PC and its gameplay.

The retweet from PUBG Mobile Official

While Miramar 2.0 is big, it doesn’t really count as a new map – PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter Account later retweeted Rolex’s post, giving us even more reason to believe that Karakin is the implied map of the next patch. There have definitely been various predictions about Karakin and which PUBG Mobile map it is going to replace. While Vikendi is a candidate, it is highly unlikely, as the developers have just released Arctic mode that can only be played on that map. Removing the map right after creating a new mode for it is like shooting themselves in the foot.

578868 Pubg Karakin Loot
The Tiny Karakin map would be even more action-packed than Sanhok

Miramar can be replaced, but given the rumors about the 2.0 update, it is also pretty unlikely. Overall, they might just release the Karakin map as a fifth choice, with PUBG Mobile’s player base surpassed the PC version long ago. The reason that they have to remove a map to get another in is that you need 100 people to start a battle royale round – the more maps there are, the harder for a game to start.

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