PUBG Mobile Companion: Falcon is a favorite feature coming to the game in 2019. This was rewarded for PUBG Mobile players when collecting enough companion fragments. However, it’s a time-limited event. But after the event, you can still get this Falcon companion by purchasing. Here’re things you need to know about this companion in PUBG Mobile. 

Things To Know The PUBG Mobile Companion: Falcon

Falcon is the only companion in PUBG Mobile up to now. When you bring the Falcon with you to the game, it will sit on your shoulder most of the time. But sometimes, it will fly around you but not too far. Many players do not bring it with them to the battleground because they are afraid that it can unveil their location. However, only you and your teammates can see it. The enemies cannot see your Falcon.

Falcon Pubg Mobile
Falcon is a favorite companion in PUBG Mobile

This companion does not have any special skill but it’s like other skin. Falcon only accompanies you in the game to make you look cool. But in EvoGround game mode, it can boost the status of the special Characters like Sara and Victor. When you play the character Sara and bring Falcon with you, your vehicle will get less damage. But it doesn’t work in Classic mode. 

Pubg Mobile Falcon
It has 7 levels to upgrade

This PUBG Mobile companion has seven levels with different animations to unlock. You can upgrade your Falcon by feeding it with food. Or else, you can gain EXP to upgrade the companion. Falcon food is available to purchase in the shop. Each bucket of Falcon food costs you 20 UC. Moreover, the Falcon costs you 1,500 UC in the shop. If you cannot get it for free during the event, you can go to the shop and buy it.