UZI and Vector are the two most popular SMGs in PUBG Mobile. Both guns use 9mm ammo and have high ammo speed. But they still have different features. Today, let’s compare these two popular submachine guns in PUBG Mobile and see which one is better.

Comparing UZI And Vector

Both UZI and Vector are strong weapons in PUBG Mobile which cause a lot of damage to the enemies due to the great firing rate. They are nice choices for close and medium-range combats. Let’s compare these two SMGs in three parameters below.

Uzi Vs Vector
Comparing UZI and Vector in PUBG Mobile


Vector is more flexible with 5 slots of attachments, including sight (from holo, red dot to 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x scopes), mag, muzzle, grip, and stock. Meanwhile, UZI only has four attachment slots, including mag, sight (only holo and red dot), muzzle, and stock.

Vector Pubg 2
Vector has more attachment slots than UZI

Therefore, you can use Vector for both close and medium-range combats. But you can only use UZI for close range combats. You can attach a 3x scope to Vector for better aiming in medium-range combats. They are less effective and strong than ARs like M416 or M16A4 in the medium-range firing. But both these SMGs have lower recoils than ARs.


Both Uzi and Vector use 9mm ammo. UZI has a larger bullet capacity than Vector. Without Extended Mag, UZI can hold 25 bullets while Vector can hold 19 bullets only. When you attach an Extended Mag or Extended Quickdraw Mag to UZI, its bullet capacity of UZI is 35 while it’s 33 in Vector. In case you cannot find an extended mag for SMGs, you should use UZI.

Uzi Pubg Mobile
UZI has a larger bullet capacity


Both these two SMGs cause great damage to the enemies. But with a full set of attachments, Vector is a little bit stronger than UZI. UZI and Vector have a high firing rate but UZI’s firing rate is higher. It’s 77/100 in UZI and 55/100 in vector. But UZI’s recoil is a bit bigger than that of Vector.

In conclusion, you should use UZI for close-range combats. But you can grab a Vector for both close and medium-range battles. Both of them are easy to use and have great damage.