PUBG Mobile, the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, received a new survival mode on the Vikendi map last Thursday, 16th of April. Called "Arctic Mode", the event requires players to look for supplies to survive the cold, while still needing to eliminate enemies to win the match.

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The new Arctic Mode adds a new dimension of survival to the survival shooter

Like the regular PUBG Mobile games, Arctic Mode takes place exclusively on Vikendi, the PUBG snow map. where 100 players participate in combat and which can only be played as part of a squad. Although, when you have landed on your drop spot, you need to look for weapons, sights, healing, and the items that will help you not die of hypothermia when the blizzard arrives: tree branches, heatpacks, heaters, and chickens.

Although it seems strange, birds have a very useful function in the mode: ensuring that the player can keep warm during the cold wave, which usually arrives after about eight minutes from the start of the game.

In some special locations of the map, it is also possible to find drones, which help the player to explore the region around them without having to expose themselves to snow and opponents. As the player is unable to move while using the drone, it is necessary to ask a teammate to take care of their safety to avoid being surprised by enemies.

To better understand how the new mode works and how to survive the extreme cold of Arctic Mode while still doing what is supposed to be done in a Battle Royale game, here is a guide that you can check out below.

First, gather supplies

Landing on the ground and already chasing for loot is a common feature of the Battle Royale genre, but here you will need to make haste even more while building up your arsenal. In addition to the minimum requirement of confronting the opponents, here, it is very important to gather the items that help to keep the temperature high. Twigs, hot packs, heaters, and chickens are easily found.

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Get around faster using the snowboard, also it's a lot of fun

To be faster, take advantage of the snowboard available in your backpack to ski around the map. If you can, look for a level three backpack to ensure there is enough space for everything. Another important tip: the branches do not occupy any space, so gather as many of them as possible, which will be used to feed the fire in the cold.

Blizzard Warning

A minute before the snowstorm arrives in Vikendi, a voice warns all players that the temperature is about to drop dramatically and that it is recommended to take shelter indoors. This is where the sh*t hits the fan.

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Take the blizzard as seriously as the COVID pandemic spreading across the world right now

If you do not enter a house or building when the blizzard arrives, a few seconds of exposure will cause your temperature to drop and soon enough, you will be lost in the middle of the map. If your friends are coming to get you up, they are at risk of exposing themselves too. That is: heed the warning, stay inside. This is the coronavirus pandemic of PUBG Mobile, except it starts to affect you immediately if you don't obey the "stay inside" instruction.

Keeping warm in PUBG Mobile

Even with shelter, the cold in the Arctic Mode is intense and your temperature will continue to fall if you do not use heat resources. As soon as you enter an enclosed space, the option to "light a fire" will appear. In five seconds, an improvised fireplace appears, which must be fed with the collected branches to keep the flame burning. It is necessary to be very close to the fire so that the temperature does not fall.

If you have killed any chicken, the raw meat will be in your backpack. Cook and eat the meat to recover energy. If you don't want to set up a fireplace, which is the most efficient way to stay warm, you can also look for the fires already on the map or use the heatpacks, which work like a hot water bottle. They are able to maintain your temperature for a few seconds and delay the loss of hit points when exposed to the cold.

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Drones are a very helpful tool to have in your inventory in Arctic Mode

Another option is the heater, which has a maximum usage time, indicated with a green bar. It warms up the player and everyone around them, so it's a great option for anyone looking to get out on the map to look for enemies during the blizzard.

Stay cautious, stay safe

Safety and caution are much more important in Arctic Mode than the regular PUBG Mobile experience. In addition to being concerned about not dying from hypothermia, you still have to deal with other crap already in the game. It is very common to enter a house looking for shelter from the cold and find an enemy cooking a chicken, so pay even more attention to the sounds of the game, which will indicate if someone is around.

This special attention also applies to the safe zone, which will continue to close just like in a normal match. When you hear that a blizzard is approaching, don't immediately rush for shelter and try to seek protection in a region that will not be affected by the gas, otherwise, you will not be able to escape the damage caused by the safe while trying to keep your body temperature high.

Let's hope these tips and hints will be enough for you to overcome Arctic Mode like Bear Grylls and still get your chicken dinner at the end. And for more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at